Gender Agenda has 10 ratings and 2 reviews. Nick said: O'Leary attempts to set forth the practical attempts on the part of feminists to impose a clear an. REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE. Is it possible for therapy to produce a change in sexual orientation? Is such therapy ethical? C.A. Tripp in a debate with. By Dale O'Leary. Dale O'Leary is the author of The Gender Agenda and One Man, One Woman. Her blog can be found at


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Marxist theory holds that until this primary division is erased, until marriage and even the family itself is eliminated as a social structure, a truly just society cannot come to be. dale o leary


In other words, gender distinction is the prototype of all class oppression. In a serendipitous parallel, just as the workers must seize the means of production in order to eliminate all class distinction, women must seize control of the means of re-production and so throw off the yoke dale o leary male oppression.

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However, this agenda is pursued surreptitiously, dale o leary the name of simple justice. And so defenders of the goods of marriage and family, in objecting to the dialectical materialist interpretation of history advanced by Marx and Engels, are easily shoehorned into the dale o leary narrative; their defense of these "patriarchal" institutions is nothing more than disappointed power lust lurking beneath a mask of conservative values.

According to the final text of its Platform for Action: For example, only women can become pregnant and nurse. As long as a significant percentage of women make motherhood their primary vocation by not working outside the home, by leaving the workforce for significant periods of time to accommodate family dale o leary or by choosing work with hours or responsibilities which are compatible with family responsibilities, the achievements and dale o leary of men and women will be significantly different.

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In a interview with Betty Friedan, Simone de Beauvoir summed up this attitude. When asked if women should have the choice to stay home and raise their children, she responded: The very word "woman" was seen as a label that dale o leary "a fictitious being" and "perpetuates inequality".

Dale O'Leary

Inan article by Dr. Dale o leary Diamond, an expert on the prenatal effect of testosterone on the organization of the brain, revealed that Dr. Money had not accurately reported the results of the twins' case. Money's theory that biological identity could be overridden by socialization.

Gender Agenda by Dale O'Leary

Over the years he dale o leary made various attempts to track down the twin on whom Money had reported and determine how the child had adjusted to adolescence.

Eventually, Diamond was able to contact a local therapist who had worked with the twin and discovered that dale o leary experiment had been a total failure. The twin had never accepted being a girl, never adjusted to a female role.

By age 14 he was suicidal.

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One of dale o leary many therapists assigned to help him encouraged his dale o leary to tell him the truth. The moment that he heard that he was a boy he was determined to live as a male. He underwent extremely difficult reconstructive surgery and married. Research on prenatal exposure to hormones demonstrates that, even before birth, the brains of boys and girls are significantly different and this affects, among other things, the ways in which babies see movement, colour and form.

The result is a "biological preparedness" in boys for typically masculine toys and in girls for typically feminine toys.

This research and other new information on the structure of the human brain suggest that biological influences and experience work together to create brain connections and are so inextricably interwoven that it is impossible to separate them.

Children are born into societies created by men and dale o leary whose perception of what is natural is influenced by the dale o leary combination of biology and experience.

Boys will grow up to be fathers; girls, mothers.

Hiding that fact through gender-neutral socialization will not change the reality of sex difference. Other research on brain development has demonstrated the importance dale o leary the relationship between mother and child during the first months of life.

Gender Agenda

The baby who has heard the mother's voice in the womb comes into the world looking for the light in his dale o leary eyes. Secure attachment between mother and baby is crucial to emotional development.


However, she does ultimately set forth O'Leary attempts to set forth the practical attempts on the part of feminists to impose a clear anti-family, and ultimately anti-woman campaign through the UN's international dale o leary.