Dake Annotated Reference Bible-KJV [Finis J Dake] on *FREE* This Bible is a pure joy to read, more than any other study Bible I've used. The Dake's Annotated Bible is a King James study Bible, but what are the beliefs and teachings of the man who wrote the notes? Bible Reading and Bible Study with the Olive Tree Bible App from Olive Tree Bible Software on your Dake Study Bible Notes Commentary / Study Notes.


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Dake gives three things men must do and continue in to receive eternal life: There are other problems as well, but this should give you the idea. Dakes bible commentary is not the reading material for young, immature Christians or undiscerning ministers.

Dake’s Dangerous Doctrine

It has just enough truth to make his error seem plausible dakes bible commentary convincing. He surely has convinced a host of modern day Pentecostals and Charismatics. No one would suggest that he is singularly responsible for the theological mess that floods these churches, but neither should he be excused for his part.

Often when a figure such as Dake is dead, his teaching becomes even more powerful and accepted. Godly men and women must return to the simple Word of God and quit depending on popular figures to do their dakes bible commentary of truth.

The Bible will interpret itself if you will: May YHVH strengthen dakes bible commentary and keep you. Sticks some truth in them and mixes heresy with it, just shows you how subtle Satan really is.

Let God be true and every man a liar.

The "Dake's Bible" and Confused Charismatic Theology

First, the fact that Jesus did not know or do something does not mean that He could not know or do it. A person can choose not to open a door to see who is knocking, but that does not mean that person lacks the power to do so.

Second, without His divine dakes bible commentary, Jesus cannot be God. This is because God is a perfectly simple being, that is, He is not composed of parts, which means His attributes and His nature are one and the same.

In other words, God minus even one of His attributes is not Dakes bible commentary.

Dake's Annotated Bible | Learn The Bible

It is also illogical to say, as Dake does, that Jesus changed from dakes bible commentary immutable unchangeable to being mutable changeable.

Jesus Christ, the God-Man, possesses two separate and distinct natures in His one person. This doctrine was spelled out at the Council of Chalcedon AD The incarnation, therefore, did not require Jesus dakes bible commentary give up His divine nature or attributes.

Any limitations He had can be ascribed either to His human nature e. It reveals a misunderstanding of the divine nature and compromises the very divinity of Jesus, in which he claims to believe.


On one hand, he states that salvation dakes bible commentary by grace and not by works: Men merit hell, but not eternal life. Jesus Christ alone procured it and gives it freely to all who believe.


Faith alone in Christ will pardon and cancel the death penalty. The Dake Bible was first dakes bible commentary in and is the result of the work dakes bible commentary a man named Finnis Jennings Dakea Pentecostal minister. Dake Limits God's Eternal Omnipotence Here is an unbelievable commentary that is given within the story of Abraham and his visit by the pre-incarnate Christ.


He suggests that God dakes bible commentary not know what was happening in Sodom and Gomorrah and came to find out. This plainly teaches that God, as well as men and angels, is limited to one place as far as the body is concerned. The doctrine of omnipresence of God can be proved, but not His dakes bible commentary.

In His body He goes from place to place like other persons.