Cybercrime classification. and characteristics. Hamid Jahankhani, Ameer Al-Nemrat, Amin Hosseinian-Far. INTRODUCTION. The new features. MEANING, CONCEPT AND CLASSIFICATION. OF CYBER CRIMES. Introduction. “It is very essential to emphasis here that the world it not run by weapons. Cyber Crime is increasing leaps and bound. With the increase of. Internet connectivity [1]. Keeping in mind. We can classify cybercrimes classification of.


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Hamid Jahankhani; Ameer Al-Nemrat; Amin Hosseinian-Far Abstract Over the last two decades, businesses, consumers, and governments around the globe have moved into cyberspace and cloud environment in order to conduct their businesses.

Crimes such as Dos attacks do not profit the perpitrator financially, and seem to have no other purpose than to wreak mischief and cyber crime classification upon the online community. Computer crime is on the rise as the world increasingly relies on electronic communication and data information cyber crime classification to power commerce, government, and all aspects of social life.


What is certain is that more crimes of this sort are being committed every year, and that their sophistication is increasing tremendously. Unfortunately, precise figures are difficult to cyber crime classification in this arena. This kind of an attack involves altering raw data just before it is processed by a computer and then changing it back after the processing is completed.

Use of computer resources to intimidate or coerce others. A vital component of this sort of offense is that the change is small to the point that it would typically go in secret. Harassment on the cyber crime classification also includes revenge porn.

There are instances where committing a crime using a computer can lead to an enhanced sentence.


For example, in the case of United States v. Neil Scott KramerKramer was served an enhanced sentence according to the U. Although Kramer tried to argue this point, U.

cyber crime classification

Computer Crime E-Crime Cybercrime - Criminal Classification

Sentencing Guidelines Manual states that the term computer "means an electronic, magnetic, optical, electrochemicallyor other high-speed data processing device performing logical, arithmetic, or storage functions, cyber crime classification includes any data storage facility or communications facility directly related to or operating in conjunction with such device.

MichiganArizonaand Virginia and South Carolina [19] have also passed laws banning harassment by electronic means. Although freedom of cyber crime classification is protected by law in most democratic societies in the US this is done by the First Amendmentit does not include all types of speech.

Some drug traffickers use encrypted messaging tools to communicate with drug mules.

The dark web site Silk Road was a major online marketplace for drugs before it was shut down by cyber crime classification enforcement then reopened under new management, and then shut down by law enforcement again.

After Silk Road 2.

However, it was just an older marketplace named Diabolus Marketthat used the name for more exposure from the brand's previous success. The original motivation cyber crime classification the hackers was to watch Star Trek reruns in Germany; which was something which Newscorp did not have the copyright to allow.

In Februaryan individual going by the alias of MafiaBoy cyber crime classification a series denial-of-service attacks against high-profile websites, including Yahoo!


About 50 computers at Stanford Universityand also computers at the University of California at Santa Barbara, were amongst the zombie computers sending pings in DDoS attacks.