Cults of Unreason [Christopher Riche Evans] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A fascination book, a vivid and excitingly written account of. Title: Cults of Unreason Author: Dr Christopher Evans ISBN: Full Text Online HTML. Start by marking “Cults of Unreason” as Want to Read: Dr Christopher Riche Evans (29 May – 10 October ) was a British psychologist, computer scientist, and author. Trivia About Cults of Unreason.


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Evans brings a number of talents to bear on this delicious book: Recently he has been engaged in experimental work on the use of computers by totally untrained people.

As well as pointing out the irrationalities of some of these belief systems, the author also looks at the cults of unreason obtained from these practices.

He writes with wry amusement but refrains from much censure or judgement. Although critical of the controlling nature of some of these groups, cults of unreason nevertheless gives the impression that everyone has a right to believe as much mad stuff as they want.

Dr. Christopher Evans - Cults of Unreason

One fault of the book may be that it is too sunny, too optimistic. It could be the benefit of hindsight, but to me it seemed that the author was wearing rose tinted glasses.

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He gives a fleeting mention of such dark presences as The Process, and suggests that there is a nihilistic theme entering alternative culture, but it is hard to imagine that such excesses cults of unreason the Cults of unreason murders were in the past rather than the future.

In The Physical Utiiverse, Beiser, trained in physics, and Krauskopf, a geochemist, cover the essentials of physics, chemistry, geology and astronomy. Mathematical demands on the reader are no more than secondary school algebra and, for those whose algebra has faded, a page mathematics refresher has thoughtfully been provided.


This book, too, is true to its title, however grand. The last quote cults of unreason representative of one of the few faults in this basically sound book, a tendency toward pomposity in some instances.


Upon occasion, mostly in historical passages, the writing can be characterized as in the style of the U. One could get the impression that the life-long bachelor eventually did marry.

More serious is a misstatement, again about Newton: He points out that these systems and groups incorporate technological advances within a theological framework, and that part cults of unreason their appeal is due to the failure of modern people to find strength, comfort, and community in cults of unreason religion and in science.