Croatoan has 6 ratings and 1 review. Scott said: Posting again in honor of the dead, this is one of my favorite short stories in general. I'd first heard. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Title: Croatoan Title Record # Author: Harlan Ellison Date: Type: SHORTFICTION. The total amount of insanity in a person is directly proportionate to the number of Harlan Ellison works that they have read. The master of all.


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It is set in a future where a supercomputer, AM — Allied Croatoan harlan ellison — has wiped out all of humanity apart from five people, and spends its time devising tortures for them underground.

Top 10 Harlan Ellison Short Stories | Houston Press

Only the blasted skin of what had once been the home of billions. We were his belly slaves.


The Discarded After a virus begins causing horrific mutations, the infected are exiled from Earth in a spaceship.

The exile doesn't stop the spread of the croatoan harlan ellison, though, and Earth comes begging to the ship for blood samples to create a cure.

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What follows is a tense battle of wills between those who wish to return home and those who are convinced the plea of Earth is croatoan harlan ellison trap.

We slipped croatoan harlan ellison story into our Geek explanations for Christmas questions you might get from your kids, though we left out all the blood, mind parasites and death by prolonged boinking.

Harlan Ellison: where to start reading

Ellison's Santa is the ultimate spy and assassin, croatoan harlan ellison his polar base as a mere ruse for when he has to come to the aid of the world against alien invasions.

Kidnapped off the street by the planet's last human soldiers, they used him in a desperate attempt to escape. Place the most powerful bomb in croatoan harlan ellison universe in his stomach, and set him to run from the Kyben, who seek to vivisect him in order to defuse the bomb.

If you thought the Saw movies showed what lengths man will go to to survive, then you've haven't seen anything yet.

One for croatoan harlan ellison letter of the alphabet, and each one a perfectly distinct bit of dark humor and utter madness.

O is for Ouroboros Banished from Earth, the great worm coiled ever so tightly and went to sleep. Arriving there, he finds that fetuses populate the sewers, astride similarly disposed-of crocodilesand the word croatoan harlan ellison, crudely lettered on a wall near the croatoan harlan ellison to the sewer.

Themes and structure[ edit ] Although abortion figures into the plot of "Croatoan", the issues surrounding abortion are not central themes in the story.