through Resolution CREG of Tariff structure. Distribution-commercialization companies providing natural gas service in. Comisin de Regulacin de Energa y Gas PROPUESTA PARA LA MODIFICACIN DEL ANEXO GENERAL DE LA RESOLUCIN CREG DE (CODIGO DE. G m = Average maximum unit cost in $ / m 3 to buy natural gas for regulated in Resolution CREG of , or those that replace, supplement or amend.


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The fixed component for users of the first rank of consumption basket of rates will be zero. The maximum average unit cost for gas purchases G m is calculated based on the following expression: It also states that under no circumstances the trader may transfer to creg 067 de 1995 average costs higher gas purchase the maximum regulated price users when gas is purchased under that price.

Please include details of current major initiatives or policies of the Government or regulator if any relating to natural gas trading. Natural gas trading is organised as creg 067 de 1995 The following is the main regulatory framework regarding the natural gas sector in Colombia: CREG Resolution of — established the distribution code.

CREG Resolution of — gas transport regulation. CREG Resolution of — gas trading regulation.

CREG Resolution of — new regulation regarding cross-border sales of natural gas used for electricity generation. CREG Resolutions ofofof and of regarding vertical and horizontal integration limits. CREG Resolution de New requirements were introduced to be a natural gas trader.

Traders do not require a licence to operate but they must inform the following creg 067 de 1995 about the start of their activity: Natural gas creg 067 de 1995 can be freely traded without needing to be bundled. Currently, Colombia commercialises natural gas for domestic and industrial use, and natural gas for vehicles compressed.

Tariffs Structure

So far, the country does not have any operating LNG facility. CREG is, therefore, examining the possibility of LNG imports so imported gas can be supplied to the power generators in place of them having to enter, take or pay commitments with the gas producers.

The Resolution proposes a four-stage response, so that by June an investment decision can be made to proceed with the necessary infrastructure and firm Creg 067 de 1995 supply contracts. In parallel to this market approach, CREG has commissioned a study to give information to the industry in Colombia on how LNG can be imported and possible industry structures i.

CREG Resolution of establishes the pricing formula to be applied by the companies rendering the service in order to determine the price. Through such regime, creg 067 de 1995 are free to determine the prices that they shall apply for their services, but must fully inform not only final users but also control authorities, before they become effective.

This is still not regulated in Colombia.

Bmjcxvn, Page 54 |

The regulatory framework in relation to the downstream oil sector can be found in Decree of and Decree of The creg 067 de 1995 establish the requirements, obligations and sanctioning regime, applicable to all agents of the downstream oil sector.

Such agents include players who refine, import, store, distribute and transport oil downstream as well as major consumers.


The above-mentioned activities are deemed public utilities and, therefore, the downstream oil agents must render services in a regular and efficient manner. Pursuant to Decree of article 3 the Ministry of Mines and Energy has the power to regulate, control and monitor activities creg 067 de 1995 oil trading, and in particular, refining, imports, storage, distribution and transport of any oil-derived fuel.

Therefore, each of the above-mentioned activities must be previously authorised by the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

Tariffs Structure

There are no restrictions to ownership by private parties involved in oil creg 067 de 1995. Pursuant to this, the SIC shall start an action or follow a request from a third party and forward a preliminary inquiry.

Its outcome shall determine the need for an investigation. An agreement may be ruled illegal only upon verification of anticompetitive effects, regardless of the intent of the violators.