Cosmovision andina Inca. No description. by. sayra paloma de la cruz arellano. on 4 November Comments (0). Please log in to add your comment. La Cosmovisión Andina Inca consideraba que la naturaleza, el hombre y la Pachamama (Madre Tierra), son un todo que viven relacionados estrechamente y. Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. She is also known as the earth/time mother. In Inca mythology, Pachamama is a fertility goddess who presides over . "Pastores del Altiplano Andino Meridional: Religiosidad, Territorio y Equilibrio Ecológico". Allpanchis (in Spanish). Cusco, Perú.


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They cook a special food, the tijtincha. The ceremony culminates at a pond or stream, where the people offer a series of tributes to Pachamama, including "food, beverage, leaves of coca and cigars.

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The organizational committee of the festival searches for the oldest woman in the community and elects her the "Pachamama Queen of the Year. Indigenous women, in particular senior women, are seen as incarnations of tradition and as living symbols of wisdom, life, fertility, and reproduction.

The Pachamama queen who is elected is escorted by the Gauchos who circle the plaza on their horses and salute her during the Sunday parade. The Sunday parade is considered to be the climax of the festival.

Every day we become more wrapped up in this digital society surround by concrete. These paradigms are becoming obsolete, and ancestral reconnection cosmovision andina de los incas attachment to ancient cultures are emerging as a new way of thought.

In some regions, a special kind of libation known as a challa is performed on a daily basis. The challa is performed by spilling a small amount of chicha on the floor, and then drinking the rest. Pachamama has a special worship day called Martes de challa Challa's Tuesdaywhen people bury food, throw candies, and burn incense to thank Pachamama for their harvests.

EL TIEMPO - Cuatro fiestas y una cosmovisión andina

In some cases, celebrants assist traditional priests, known as yatiris in Aymara, in performing ancient rites to bring good luck or the good will of the goddess, such as sacrificing guinea pigs or burning llama fetuses although this is rare today. The central ritual to Pachamama cosmovision andina de los incas the Challa or Pago Payment.

It is carried out during all of August, and in many places also on the first Friday of each month. Integration with the living energy.


It can generate disease. Direct transmission of living energy.

Cuatro fiestas y una cosmovisión andina

Three healthy coca leaves gently held by to offer prayers and recognition to deities and to divine forces during rituals. Cosmovision andina de los incas blowing our finest energy with good intentions through the breath when offering our prayers toward deities during rituals.

Completion of actual things. A symbol of interconnection. Four stairs and four-sided bridge. Suyus of the Tawa Chakana: A complete ritual gesture or, specifically, the ritual gesture of blowing into three healthy coca leaves.

Cosmovisión Incaica by Gaby Davila on Prezi

Sacred spaces with particular names a creek, a mountain peak, a slope, etc. Represents the inner and universal, limitless light.

Temples and priests were adorned with gold or silver as they cosmovision andina de los incas shone with the Sun or the Moon. The visible image of the Sun. The Totality made of four but with the addition of the center representing a 5th position.

This 5th element may be akin to a non-dual center of all manifestation.

Pachamama - Wikipedia

To throw a liquid offering to Pachamama before drinking it. The supplementary relation among equals.


It can be a competitive or cooperative relation between equals. Resembles the relation of parts sharing the same hierarchical or holarchical level in a whole. The world or cosmos of living energy.