For companies whose employees travel a lot, having an effective corporate travel policy is essential. However, this is not a static document - it's. Purpose This travel policy provides guidelines and established procedures for Vendors/consultants incurring business travel and allowable expenses on the company's behalf. All Vendors are required to follow this policy when allowed to bill Great-West for expenses permitted by contractual terms. The best practices for how to create a travel and expense policy for employees because there's no one-size-fits-all policy approach.


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Toes are being dipped in water — for example, Hogg Robinson Group and HRS have policy compliant hotel review services.


There corporate travel policy also noise about businesses using Yammer and Chatter to communicate with employees on travel programme updates and general engagement although mass uptake has yet to be seen. Many of these concerns can be avoided if an HR employee researches each trip based on the approved travel request form, books flights and rooms and charges the major expenses to a corporate credit card.

In the company travel guide, let your employees know if they can suggest alternate or preferred itineraries based on preferred travel times or other factors with the condition that the company pays corporate travel policy the lowest available rate, while the employee pays the difference.

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Delineate Expenses Set corporate travel policy per diems for employees to cover meals, tips, taxis and shuttles, phone calls, parking and other incidentals. Note in the travel guide which expenses require a receipt for reimbursement.


Changes to company policy General company policies change all the time, again often as the company grows, and these changes need to be reflected in the corporate travel policy. For example, has your company changed corporate travel policy policy on expenses, insurance, annual leave, sick pay?


Any kind of policy corporate travel policy that might impact someone when travelling for business should also be updated in the travel policy.

Global expansion Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to corporate travel around the world.

How to Write a Corporate Travel Policy |

Mandate that they leave their itineraries, including flight, train or auto travel times, check-in and check-out times and meeting times. Ask that they notify corporate travel policy supervisors of their arrival times by work e-mail, even after hours. If employees are traveling overseas, ask them to corporate travel policy you with proof of a valid passport, additional government ID and the address and phone of the U.

Include Expense Reimbursement Procedures Show the employees the reimbursement form they will file when they return.

Check GSA standard rates here. I encourage you to check the rates on the GSA site.