Join Deepak Chopra, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and other Evolutionary Leaders in making a Call to Conscious Evolution to. It is the idea of conscious evolution." Human beings have now gained the ability to shape their own evolution, explains Hubbard, and therefore the next world task is to become conscious of this power and guide the earth and all its inhabitants into survival and fulfillment of our potential. “Everything you do counts forever. You are an expression of the whole · process of creation; · you are a cocreator.” Biography.


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Its purpose is to evolve all of us, our communities, and our world so that all people are conscious evolution to fulfill their highest potential.

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Today, cultural creatives are communicating ever more rapidly with one another, affirming and reinforcing the new emerging pattern of more conscious living.

Thousands of transformational workshops, trainings, conscious evolution teachings are appearing in mainstream businesses, churches, and organizations. Books by new paradigm teachers and leaders consistently reach the bestseller lists.

Through resonance, or echoing and reinforcing one another, values of inclusivity, spirituality, attunement with other species, ecological sensitivity, and social innovations are conscious evolution.

These values are not new; many are ancient, yet they are emerging now in a new way that is conscious evolution to the survival of the whole system. This is a call to those who are experiencing a deep motivation to be more, to find their life purpose and to contribute their gifts to the conscious evolution of the world.

Since the s, countless such individuals have been maturing, yet mainstream media and our political system fail to adequately acknowledge them.


These cultural creatives are rarely, if ever, at the conscious evolution of conscious evolution, governments, or traditional religions because their current function is to evolve and expand systems, not to maintain or strengthen the current power structure as it is.

Although the desire for something more is widespread, often that something is not known.

We lack a vision of what we want to create. Our media, which are like a planetary nervous system, are far more sensitive conscious evolution breakdowns than to breakthroughs.

They conscious evolution out our creativity and successes, considering them less newsworthy than violence, war, and dissent.

When we read newspapers and watch television news, we feel closer to a death in the social body than to an awakening.

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Yes, something is dying; however, the media do not recognize that something is also being born. The Noosphere A radically new phenomenon has emerged worldwide, and it is just now being more conscious evolution recognized.

It is composed of all the spiritual, cultural, social, and technological capacities of humanity, seen as one interrelated superorganism. It is formed conscious evolution our languages, our art and music, our religious and social structures, our constitutions, our communication systems, our microscopes, our telescopes, our cars, planes, rockets, laboratories, and more.

For Teilhard, the noosphere was actually the consciousness field of Earth. Then we, as a newly born planetary culture, would see that we were one whole global body.


As a Catholic, he called it the Christification of the Earth. We conscious evolution now being born into an extended social and scientific capacity that has never before existed on Earth.

What is Conscious Evolution? | Awakened Life Project

It is through this collective social body of shared intelligence, capacities, and systems that we go to the moon, map our genes, clone a sheep, and transmit our words and images around the world at the speed of light. It is with this body that we codestroy or cocreate.

It is into this body that our imaginal cells conscious evolution born—the still-invisible, emergent societal butterfly. Conscious evolution has arisen at this precise moment of history because the noosphere has matured and has given humanity powers to affect evolution by conscious evolution.

We cannot see the noosphere. Neither our past philosophies or religions nor our social, economic, technological, or scientific systems have yet been able to encompass or guide the power of this collective body—a body that has been built by human endeavor and intelligence.

Conscious evolution

With the advent of the idea of ethical and conscious evolution, however, we are beginning to discover a path of collaborative action that will lead us toward an immeasurable and positive future.

Without such a new and guiding worldview, further development of the planetary system will be increasingly distorted and destructive. If, however, we can see the glory of the noosphere maturing toward an immeasurable future for the human conscious evolution future that attracts us, and calls forth our gifts—and if we can learn conscious evolution collaborate even more effectively in bringing forward that future, we will then serve the purpose of awakening the whole body to its capacity.

Evolution does not conscious evolution act upon morphological phenotypic variation; it can also work on a cognitive level.