Joined: 04 Jun Read Full Review: Joined: 08 Oct The amount of search traffic on computer-related terms has Aug 17, Or perhaps people have settled into their brand preferences and don't comparison shop like we used to in the old Computer Shopper days. More Info Vizio officially introduces PC line Hands-on with Vizio's laptops, desktops and After all, it's not like shoppers have any shortage of choice when it comes to Windows computers. . Lenovo IdeaPad Us,


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This might be a good time to clarify that Vizio is calling computer shopper 2012 08 a thin-and-light and not an Ultrabook, but if all we're talking about are thin, portable machines, then tomato, tomahto.

Our only request would have been for Vizio to squeeze a few more ports into the 0.

AURA Review - Editor's Choice - Computer Shopper

On board, you'll find two Computer shopper 2012 08 3. That's a good start, but on a machine this size we would've expected to see a few — namely, an Ethernet jack and an SD card reader. Keyboard and trackpad It's at this point that perhaps Vizio got carried away in its attempts to reinvent the PC.

Were it not for some slight beveling between the keys, you'd have a hard time telling one key from the other without looking down at your computer shopper 2012 08.

Vizio Thin + Light review (14-inch, 2012): how do the company's first laptops measure up?

Indeed, it took us a day or so to master the cramped layout, but eventually we started noticing fewer errors in our typing. Still, even once we got the hang of it, we noticed that the keys didn't always register our presses. We had this problem with the space bar a few times, and also with the arrow keys it doesn't help that the up and down ones are especially tiny.

If there's one saving grace, though, it's that the Enter, Backspace and Shift keys are pretty oversized, so it's at least easy to hit those buttons square on the nose. Hardly a computer shopper 2012 08, but it's worth noting that these keys aren't backlit. According to Vizio reps, the engineers were concerned that a backlit keyboard would increase the thickness of the laptop, computer shopper 2012 08 most backlit keyboard suffer from unsightly light bleed anyway.

That said, the company is apparently considering backlighting for future models. The problem is, the pad just doesn't work very reliably, even after some early driver updates.

For one, the touchpad offers a good deal of resistance, and moving the cursor where you want it to go can computer shopper 2012 08 a challenge: There were a few vexing instances in which the cursor randomly jumped to a different part of the screen while we were typing, forcing us to backtrack and delete unwanted characters before carrying on.

Vizio Thin + Light review (inch, ): how do the company's first laptops measure up?

At other times, too, the pad mistook left clicks for right ones. Still, the pad is frustrating enough to use as is that we can't see ourselves giving this laptop a hearty recommendation until Vizio figures it out.


Four personal- computing pioneers. This ad proves that some traditions still endure.

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Oh, and know that 's swimsuit sex bomb, Kim Alexis, is now 52 years old click to computer shopper 2012 08 The Computer Moves In The personal computer, as any true geek knows, wasn't born inthe year of which Time speaks when it refers to The Machine of the Year.

It's impossible to pinpoint exactly which device first moved computers from the enterprise mainframe's glass cage to the average desktop, but there's a consensus agreement that the personal computer movement kicked off when the MITS Altair was featured on the cover of Popular Electronics in January Your mileage opinion may vary.

Computer shopper 2012 08 any case, the Altair's appearance was a full eight years before the personal computer moved from its hobbyist ham-radio-operator-turned-chiphead infancy into the budding society-changer that Time celebrated in its January 3,issue — although their editors didn't seem wholly convinced: Time; January 3, editorial by John Meyers: Computer shopper 2012 08 they truly became personalized, brought down to scale, so that people could hold, prod and play with them.

Category:Computer magazine cover images

In April, Golden's machine inexplicably swallowed the cover story he had written on the Computer Generation. Meanwhile, Senior Writer Otto Friedrich resolutely tapped out his Machine of the Year story on his favorite machine of all: Clearly, not all Time computer shopper 2012 08 had not yet embraced the future.

The magazine's main coverage, however, was more optimistic — although they did point out that there were still more than a few holdouts.

Ah, those damnable buggy-whip manufacturers By the millions, it's beeping its way into offices, schools and homes" by Jay Cocks: Estimates computer shopper 2012 08 the number of personal computers in use by the end of the century run as high as 80 million Some senior officials resist using a keyboard on the ground that such work is demeaning.