Learn how to color correct your video with the new Lumetri Scopes in After Effects. Learn techniques for color correcting video in After Effects. Learn how to fix exposure and tone problems, and make creative adjustments. We've always done some kind of colour correction in Photoshop, in our NLEs, and also in After Effects. Colour correction here is the process of.


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Or you can easily adjust cuts or fine-tune grades using advanced color correction tools like curves and color wheels. This effect works with 8-bpc, bpc, and bpc color. Color correction after effects Lumetri Color effect works the same as the color panel in Premiere Pro.

To learn more about using the Lumetri Color effect, see Color workflows.

Auto Color and Auto Contrast effects The Auto Color effect adjusts the contrast and color of an image after analyzing the color correction after effects, midtones, and highlights of the image.

The Auto Contrast effect adjusts color correction after effects overall contrast and mixture of colors. Each effect maps the lightest and darkest pixels in the image to white and black, and then redistributes the intermediate pixels.

The result is that highlights appear lighter and shadows appear darker. A quick way to remove or at least reduce the flicker caused by fluctuations in exposure and color from one frame to the next is to apply the Auto Color effect.


This is useful, for example, in reducing color correction after effects flicker of old film or for correcting for the flickering color of a light source. These effects work with 8-bpc and bpc color.

Temporal Smoothing The range of adjacent frames, in seconds, analyzed to determine the amount of correction needed for each frame, relative to its surrounding frames.

If Temporal Smoothing is 0, each frame is analyzed independently, without regard for surrounding frames. Temporal Smoothing can result in smoother looking corrections over time.

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Scene Detect If selected, frames color correction after effects a scene change are ignored when surrounding frames are analyzed for temporal smoothing. Black Clip, White Clip How much of the shadows and highlights are clipped to the new extreme shadow and highlight colors in the image.

Setting the clipping values too high reduces detail in the shadows or highlights. A value in the range from 0.

Color Grading in After Effects CC on Vimeo

By default, shadow and highlight pixels are clipped by 0. The lowest and highest values within the range after clipping are then mapped to output black and output white.

This method ensures that input black and input white values are based on representative rather than extreme pixel values. Snap Neutral Midtones Auto Color only Identifies an average nearly neutral color in the frame and color correction after effects adjusts the gamma values to make the color neutral.

Blend With Original The transparency of the effect. The trick is to find what native tools best suit your needs.

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The trick, or the best way to work, is to keep everything as modular as you can, by correcting in passes, and color correction after effects using Adjustment Layers as much as possible. First add an adjustment layer and use it to create a basic colour correction overlay pass in your first scene or shot.


In the next few images we see a sample project where color correction after effects layers have been added highlighted in purple. The first image shows the adjustments turned off, so you see the footage as shot: The following image shows the Color Correction adjustment layer turned on.

Cover image via Shutterstock. The update provides the four essential scopes: