Claimed by the Highlander has ratings and reviews. Jen said: I devoured this second book in Julianne MacLean's Highlander series! I also decide. margaret mallory's Claimed by the Highlander. Winner, National Readers' Choice Award Winner, Book Buyers' Best Winner, Golden Leaf Winner, Aspen Gold. From Rowan Keats–author of To Kiss a Kilted Warrior, When a Laird Takes a Lady, and Taming a Wild Scot–comes the newest entry in the Claimed by the.


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Sybil is a heroine, that may be used to certain claimed by the highlander, but she takes to be a Highlander so well. You would think she was born to it, being a member of court most of her life, has taught her to be cunning and crafty and a bit creative to help with proving her husband is the right Laird for the Mackenzies.

Claimed by the Highlander

She is really the glue that holds the clan together and is so likable. She has a compassionate heart, claimed by the highlander courageous and has a will of iron and just as stubborn as her husband.

I love his good heart, and how honorable he is and even though he isn't perfect, we see him work through his imperfections and learn to overcome so he can become a better man and you just have to admire that.

Which I definitely do so much. I mean honestly, the scenes themselves aren't anything super explicit or anything, but the way that they are written just pull you in.

I loved the sexual tension between these two, and you definitely see how much they care for each other in the beginning. And seeing them learn to rely on each other through claimed by the highlander rough times ahead, really add a unique intimacy between them.

Claimed by a Highlander

And yes, they are both so stubborn and prideful, but I really appreciated that their love is what holds them together and how it makes it so they refuse to give up on each other claimed by the highlander when lies and secrets come between them.

When she moistened her lips with her tongue, she felt his heartbeat leap beneath her palm.


Her gaze fixed on his mouth as he drew her to him ever so slowly. She had expected a sweet, teasing kiss, not this explosion of passion that seared through claimed by the highlander body at the first touch of their lips.

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But then I got a nice surprise. The first, roughly, half of this book is nearly a mirror of CbtH - hardened, tortured hero looking for revenge, taking back what is his, ke Well, after reading and reviewing Ms.

The first, roughly, half of this book is nearly a mirror of CbtH - hardened, tortured hero looking for revenge, taking back what is his, keeping the heroine at bay with a cranky attitude and suspicion.

Our hero, Angus, the Lion of the Highlands, has gone a step claimed by the highlander by vowing to never fall for a woman because that makes a claimed by the highlander weak.

Claimed by the Highlander (Highlander, #2) by Julianne MacLean

He started this in the previous book when Duncan, his best friend, fell for an Englishwoman and gave up his claimed by the highlander life.

In the meantime, he betrays his friend and is ultimately banished for that behavior by his father. Gwendolen is the daughter of the deceased chief of the MacEwen clan and refuses to give in claimed by the highlander the sword-wielding warrior who cuts down too many of her clansmen, and flat out objects when her enemy claims her to be his wife to supposedly reunite their two clans.

Of course, their initial relationship is full of anger and suspicion. And this is where Ms.


But, in spite of Angus's overpowering charms, she refuses to surrender her innocence without a fight Forcing her to become his bride will unite their two clans.

But conquering Claimed by the highlander heart will take all his skills as a lover.