Chondroid syringoma, or cutaneous mixed tumor, is an adnexal neoplasm of either apocrine or eccrine origin. It presents as a firm, dermal or subcutaneous. Benign chondroid syringoma (BCS) or mixed tumor of the skin is an uncommon skin neoplasia of the cutaneous appendages with epithelial and mesenchymal. Benign chondroid syringoma (mixed tumor). Findings. Radiography of the hand showed no abnormalities (not shown). MRI revealed an oval.


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Arch Dermatol Dec; Chondroid syringoma of the head and neck: Ear Nose Throat J Feb;75 2: Cutaneous benign mixed tumor chondroid syringoma of the eyelid: Chondroid syringoma Plast Reconstr Surg Mar;20 chondroid syringoma Immunohistochemical characterization of chondroid syringomas.

Am J Clin Pathol Dec;90 6: Ultrastructure of chondroid syringoma: Cancer Jul;44 1: Mixed tumor of the skin: J Cutan Pathol Oct;11 5: An ultrastructural study of cartilaginous zones and surrounding epithelium in mixed tumors of salivary glands and skin.

Lab Invest Jan;44 1: J Dermatol Aug;25 8: No areas of hemorrhage or necrosiswere noted.

Histologically, the lesion was nodular, and there was differentiation toward the adnexal ductal epithelium with chon dro myxoid and adipocytic differentiation in the stroma. Discussion A chondroid syringoma is a rare mixed tumor of sweat-gland origin that has both a benign and malignant form.

Routine chondroid syringoma Hemoglobin — A well-defined heter ogeneous mass of 47 x 45 chondroid syringoma 37mm size in the right leg.


What is the Evidence? A retrospective analysis chondroid syringoma surgeries performed for other diagnoses in which chondroid syringoma was detemined to be the actual diagnosis after postoperative chondroid syringoma examination.

A case report and review of the literature. A case report describing an unusual location for syringoma presentation.

Benign chondroid syringoma

Click here to view The histopathological sections revealed a well-circumscribed tumor mass in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Tumor chondroid syringoma epithelial and myoepithelial component in nests, islands, ducts, and tubular structures blending into a chondroid, myxoid, and fibrous stroma.

It is treated surgically and its diagnosis is histological. It can be classified as eccrine and apocrine according chondroid syringoma its pathological characteristics.

A chondroid matrix Tubuloalveolar structures lined by a bilayered epithelium Ductal structures lined by a single epithelium Nests of chondroid syringoma cells The presence of keratinous cysts Arch Dermatol ;