Jump to Playing the Game - Learn the rules that apply to each piece's movement on the board. Each piece in Chinese chess has a specific type of. Yellow Mountain Imports Xiangqi Chinese Chess Set with Folding Beechwood Veneer Board and Game Pieces. Yellow Mountain Imports Xiangqi Chinese. Chinese chess, Chinese (Pinyin) Xiangqi (Wade-Giles) Hsiang-ch'i, strategy board game played in China from about ad Like orthodox chess, Chinese.


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Select the correct age level and number of players from the chinese chess board items according to your preference. You can shop new or slightly used Chinese chess sets and save some big chinese chess board.

Like orthodox chessChinese chess is believed to have been derived from an Indian board game known as chaturanga. Unlike Western chess, which is played on the 64 two-toned squares, Chinese chess is played on the intersection of the lines, known as points, that form the squares.

Chinese chess

When the general is in danger of being captured by the enemy player on his next chinese chess board, the enemy player has "delivered a check" simplified Chinese: A check should be announced. If the general's player can make no move to prevent the general's capture, the situation is called "checkmate" simplified Chinese: Unlike chess, in which stalemate is a draw, in xiangqi, it is a loss for the player with no chinese chess board moves left.

In xiangqi, a player—often with material or positional disadvantage—may attempt to check or chase pieces in a way such that the moves fall in a cycle, forcing the opponent to draw the game.

The following special rules are used to make it harder to draw the game by endless checking and chasing, regardless chinese chess board whether the positions of the pieces are repeated or not: A player making perpetual checks with one piece or several pieces can be ruled to have lost unless he or she stops such checking.

The side that perpetually chases any one unprotected piece with one or more pieces, excluding generals and soldiers, will be ruled to have lost unless he or she stops such chasing.

How to Play Chinese Chess: 8 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

When neither side violates the rules and both persist in not making an alternate move, the game can be ruled as a draw. When both sides violate the same rule at the same time and both persist in not making an alternate move, the game can be ruled as a draw. Different sets of rules set different limits on what is considered perpetual.

For example, club xiangqi rules allow a player to check chinese chess board chase six consecutive times using one piece, twelve times using chinese chess board pieces, and eighteen times using three pieces before considering the action perpetual.

The black pieces are marked with somewhat different characters from the corresponding red pieces. In mainland China, most sets still use traditional Chinese characters as opposed to simplified Chinese characters.

Chinese Chess Sets

Modern pieces are usually plastic, though some sets are wooden, and more expensive sets may use jade. In more ancient times, many sets were simple unpainted woodcarvings; thus, to distinguish between pieces of the two sides, most corresponding pieces used characters that were similar but varied slightly.

It is kept in the Henan Provincial Museum. He is confined to the nine point fortress, on his side of the board. The Counselor is also confined to the fortress. He moves one point diagonally. This piece chinese chess board be blocked by another piece on the intervening square A and B in diagram and is not allowed to cross the river, which runs between the two chinese chess board of the board.

Similar to the knight in western chess, but this horse can be blocked by an intervening piece.