Papyrus 45 is an early New Testament manuscript which is a part of the Chester Beatty Papyri. It was probably created around in Egypt. It contains the texts  Text‎: ‎Gospels‎, Acts. Ranging in date from BC to AD , the Chester Beatty Library's collection of papyrus includes rolls, codices and individual documents from Ancient. Papyrus Chester Beatty V; sheet 2(twenty-six fragments); Hieratic literary text recto and verso. Late Egyptian Miscellanies. Recto , Verso Recto: Hymn to.


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Papyrus 45

He frequently omits phrases and clauses. He prefers the simple to the compound word. In short, he favors brevity. He shortens the text in at least chester beatty papyrus places in singular readings alone.

But he does not drop syllables or letters. His shortened text is readable.


As to the reassessment of provenance, I think dissatisfaction is the order of the day. Because all of the codices passed through the hands of one or more dealers and are chester beatty papyrus associated with any secure archaeological context, the question of the provenance of the Beatty biblical papyri cannot be definitively settled.

In all cases we are dealing with, at best, second- or third-hand hearsay. But the discovery that the papyri were quite early on attributed to Asyut should at least keep chester beatty papyrus honest and make us wary of overconfidence about having firmly established provenance for papyrus hoards when no clear archaeological link is extant.

Papyrus 45 - Wikipedia

See most recently J. Since all but two P.


XI, XII of the eleven manuscripts are dated before the 4th century, they present significant textual evidence for the Greek Bible as it existed in Egypt prior to the Diocletianic persecutions where Christian books are said to have been destroyed and a century or more earlier than the Codex Vaticanus and Chester beatty papyrus Sinaiticus.

Although some of the scholars who first studied the collection considered some of the New Testament manuscripts, especially P. Chester Beatty I P45 to be of the Caesarean text-typethis has chester beatty papyrus support today.

The textual character is generally described as being eclectic, mixed, or unaligned. The manuscripts provided many new textual variations, especially because the Old Testament manuscripts predated the revision activity of Lucian and Origen and others, and the New Testament manuscripts are some of the earliest yet quite extensive chester beatty papyrus of the corresponding books.

Old Chester beatty papyrus manuscripts[ edit ] Originally, there were believed to be eight manuscripts in the Chester Beatty collection that contained portions of the Old Testament. However, what was believed to be two different manuscripts actually belonged to the same codex, resulting in a total of seven Old Testament manuscripts in the collection, all following the text of the Septuagint.

IV and V — Two manuscripts that contain portions of Genesisone dated to the late 3rd century, and one the early 4th century. These manuscripts are significant because the next oldest Greek Old Testament texts of Vaticanus and Sinaiticus have extensive lacunae in Genesis.

VI — A manuscript of the Book of Numbers and Deuteronomyconsisting of around 50 partial leaves out of and many very small fragments, dated to chester beatty papyrus first half of the 2nd century.


It is the earliest manuscript in the collection, but is predated by two other less extensive Greek papyri manuscripts of these books, P.

Fouad and P. What remains is 50 out of an original leaves, 29 of which chester beatty papyrus in the Chester Beatty Library 8 of Ezekiel, 8 of Esther, and 13 of Danieland another 21 of Ezekiel are in the Princeton University Chester beatty papyrus.