PDF | The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of Chêneau brace in the management of idiopathic scoliosis. This is a. Our custom TLSO brace, based on the principles of Rigo Cheneau, is designed to treat scoliosis as the 3-D spinal deformity that it is. Each brace is designed and. Rigo Cheneau Brace on Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute | The Paley Institute Spine Center is proud to offer the Rigo Cheneau Brace. This is a highly.


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This is above pressure zone 30 at the level of the iliac crest. The function is cheneau brace provide room or space for the derotation of the hemipelvis in retroversion by allowing it to move upward.

The location of expansion zone 36 is on the ventral side cheneau brace the body, in which the hemipelvis is in anteversion, below pressure zone The function is to allow space for the derotation of the hemipelvis, which is in anteversion in the sagittal plane.

The location of the cheneau brace zone 37 is along the waistline going downward towards the ASIS anterior superior iliac spine on the side of the body that has the hemipelvis in anteversion. The function of this pressure zone is to derotate the anteversion position of the hemipelvis in the sagittal plane.

Rigo Cheneau Brace | Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute

cheneau brace The location of the pressure zone 38 is above the symphysis pubis on the same side of the body that has the hemipelvis in retroversion. The function of this force is to derotate the retroversion position cheneau brace the pelvis.

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The location of the pressure zone 39 is on the ventral aspect of the brace and is below pressure zone The function cheneau brace this force is to reduce the distance of the oval thorax, this corrects the hypokyphosis in the sagittal plane by causing flexion of the thoracic vertebral column.

The location of the pressure zone 40 cheneau brace on the ventral aspect of the brace and is adjacent to the pressure zone 1, which is on the convex side of the thoracic or thoracolumbar curve.

The location of the pressure zone 41 is in the iliac fossa, on the lateral aspect of the hemipelvis, which is on the high side of the pelvic tilt. The function of this force is to work with cheneau brace zone 30 and pressure zone 2 to provide a 3-point pressure system that lifts the low contralateral hemipelvis.

The cheneau brace of the pressure zone 43 is underneath the lower positioned breast, which lifts it to the level of the contralateral breast. In the case of a male patient, this zone is designed cheneau brace same way as the female patient, however it would not have to be as large.


The function of this zone cheneau brace to balance the cheneau brace positioned breast with the contralateral side. Reference from Master by thesis on the Cheneau brace Grant I. The average duration of brace therapy was The brace significantly decreased the degree of kyphosis, lordosis, and pelvic tilt Table.

Abstract Introduction Progressive nature of scoliosis significantly affects the development and functioning of a young organism. As early asit was indicated that promoting lumbar lordosis should invariably be a corrective component for treating idiopathic scoliosis [15].

Moreover, there cheneau brace a pronounced compression effect between the pelvic section blocking lordosis and the heavily accentuating point 37 arrows. Cheneau brace problems increased pains during monthly periods have been described source: Lumbar curvatures lead to a reduction of lumbar lordosis and even to lumbar kyphosis.

Standardising the treatment with Chêneau braces via CAD: Prospects and risks.

The flattening of the sagittal profile therefore needs to be counteracted in the orthosis by accentuating the sagittal profile if the deformity is to be consistently corrected in all cheneau brace planes. Several cheneau brace have demonstrated that forced lordosis of the upper lumbar region alone contributes towards correcting lateral curvature.

A case study[ 19 ] and a small series study[ 21 ] successfully documented the cheneau brace that it is possible to improve scoliosis simply by means of forced lordosis of the upper lumbar region. Recently, van Loon and associates[ 17 ] have confirmed these findings with a more comprehensive radiographic study.

This is reason enough to rule out the treatment of idiopathic scoliosis with orthoses that counteract lumbar lordosis.


An aggravating factor is the fact that reducing lumbar lordosis correlates closely with the incidence of chronic back pain in adulthood[ 56 ].

Subsequently, the measurements, x-rays, cheneau brace clinical photos are used to design and fabricate a custom-made Wood Cheneau Rigo brace.

Outcomes included the following: Our primary independent variable was the type of cheneau brace. Patients self-selected their orthotists and brace type.

This is as well a 3-dimensional correctional brace which has significant pressure and expansion areas built into the brace, which provides correction in all three anatomical planes.