Title, The Cheitharol Kumbaba. Editor, Nepram Bihari. Publisher, Spectrum Publications, ISBN, , Length, pages. Get this from a library! The cheitharol kumbaba = The royal chronicle of Manipur. [Nepram Bihari;]. : Singh, Lairenmayum Ibungohal. y: Manipur University Library, Imphal. ds: Works of Lairenmayum Ibungohal Singh.


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His brother Devendra Singh was given the title of Raja by the British, after only three months Chandrakirti Singh invaded Manipur and rose to cheitharol kumbaba throne, while Devendra Singh fled to Cachar.


Numerous members of the family tried to unsettle Chandrakirti Singh. Inwhen British Deputy Commissioner G. H, damant was killed by an Angami Naga party, the king of Manipur assisted the British by sending troops to neighbouring Kohima 2.

History of Manipur cheitharol kumbaba The history of Manipur is reflected by archaeological research, mythology and written history. Since ancient times, the Meitei people have lived in the valleys of Cheitharol kumbaba alongside the highlander Cheitharol kumbaba in the hills, Meitei Pangal people settled in the valleys during the reign of Meidingu Khagemba in the year Since then, they lived along with the Meitei.

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Introduction of the Vaishnavism school of Hinduism brought about changes in the history of the state, Manipurs early history is set forth in the Cheitharon Cheitharol kumbaba, a chronicle of cheitharol kumbaba events which is believed to record events from the foundation of the ruling dynasty.

Manipur became a state under British rule in cheitharol kumbaba, the last of the independent states to be incorporated into British India. This proved to be one of the points of the War. After the war, the Manipur Constitution Act, established a form of government with the Maharaja as the Executive Head.

InMaharaja Budhachandra was summoned to Shillong, capital of the Indian province of Meghalaya where he signed a Treaty of Accession merging the kingdom into India, thereafter the legislative assembly was dissolved and Manipur became part of the Republic of India in October, It was made a cheitharol kumbaba in and a full-fledged state in He gave birth the seven clans of Meitei cheitharol kumbaba, kanglei which is now called Kangla was the first capital of the kingdom called Kangleipak.

Lainingthou Sanamahi is the creator of all according to Kangleichas, the residents of the now called Manipur.


The religion of the land was purely Sanamahism, one of the oldest religion of the world, Manipur cheitharol kumbaba been known throughout the ages as Meitrabak, Kangleipak or Meeteileipak as well as by more than twenty other names.

Sanamahi Laikan wrote that Manipurs cheitharol kumbaba nomenclature was adopted in the century during the reign of Cheitharol kumbaba Pamheiba.

According to Sakok Lamlen, the area had different names according to the era, during the Hayachak period it was known as Mayai Koiren poirei namthak saronpung or Tilli Koktong Ahanba, then in the Khunungchak period as Meera Pongthoklam.

Thereafter during the Langbachak era, it became Tilli Koktong Leikoiren, during the latter part of its history, Manipur and its people were known by different names to their neighbours 3.

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The translation was carried out by a Bengali clerk named Mamacharan. It was edited cheitharol kumbaba published by L. Joychandra Singh in under the title The Lost Kingdom.

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Cheitharon Kumpapa in The Cheitharol Kumbaba adopted three chronological systems or cheitharol kumbaba Kalyabda, Saka era, Chandrabda or Kangleipak era. Kalyabda, Saka era, Chandrabda or Kangleipak era. From CE onwards, days of the week are mentioned in cheitharol kumbaba Cheitharol Kumbaba.

The cheitharol kumbaba = The royal chronicle of Manipur (Book, ) []

Waikhom Ananda Meetei, Nepram Bihari, a retired bureaucrat of Manipur made a definitive translation cheitharol kumbaba Cheitharol Kumbaba into English. It is said that Mr.


Bihari had to learn the ancient script of Meitei Mayek to make this translation, a major project that took him cheitharol kumbaba years to finish.