17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations (BS ). Darrell Locke . Chapter C – Circuitry and Related Parts of BS 21 .. HD S2. Chapter 61 INITIAL VERIFICATION – General . stated, all of the forms are in appendix 6 of BS or free to download from: . Chapter 61 identified, shall be taken to refer to BS Requirements for BS Requirements for Electrical Installations was issued on 1st.


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The latest software is not a substitute for learning about the new regulations, but - because it incorporates detail, and can make 'intelligent' suggestions, such software can save much time in looking up unfamiliar details.

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  • Part 6: Inspection and Testing – : BS 18th Edition Online Course
  • Inspection and testing to the 17th Edition

To take an example, the 17th Edition has broadened the range of earth disconnection times for different types of connection. While basic software will merely provide more options to choose from, the latest added-value software will be chapter 61 bs 7671 to evaluate the connection type, select the correct disconnection time and present it all in easy to use and logical manner.

All this will help electrical designers and contractors with installation design. Therefore, they will have more time to focus on the aspects that require his or her specialist knowledge.


The 17th Edition also brings the UK into line with European regulations. The majority of test certificates quote the numbers of the Regulations concerned, so this change has implications for day-to-day documentation.

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Inspection and testing to the 17th Edition | Voltimum

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Here we take a brief look at some of the key changes and additions since the last edition of the Wiring Regulations. What are the key changes? Amends to current sections Chapter 41 has seen a number of major changes to ensure further protection against electric shocks.

Part 6: Inspection and Testing

Among these are amends to regulations Alongside smaller revisions, there has been a significant change within Chapter 52, which concerns the selection chapter 61 bs 7671 erection of wiring systems.

Two new chapters, 64 and 65, have been created using the content of chapters 61, and 63, which have been deleted.

Amends have been made to regulation Alongside some smaller changes, a key amend has been regarding the use of a PME supply, with the exception for reasonably practicable being deleted. Also, in this chapter, the chapter 61 bs 7671 around IT systems