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Plan Development Project plan development uses the outputs of the other planning chapter 4 integration to create a consistent, coherent document that can be used to guide both project execution and project control.


This process is almost always iterated several times. For example, the initial draft may include generic resources and undated durations while the final plan reflects chapter 4 integration resources and explicit dates.


The project plan is used to: Document project planning decisions regarding alternatives chosen. Facilitate communication among stakeholders. Define key management reviews as to content, extent, and timing.

Provide a baseline for progress measurement and project control. All of the outputs of the planning chapter 4 integration in the other knowledge areas Section 3.

Chapter 4 - Integration - Mr. Gilman's Classroom

Other planning outputs include chapter 4 integration base documents such as the work breakdown structure as well as the supporting detail. Many projects will also require application area-specific inputs e. Chapter 4 integration available historical information e.

This information should also be available during project plan development to assist with verifying assumptions and assessing alternatives that are identified as part of this process.

Any and all of the organizations involved in the project may have formal and informal policies whose effects must be considered.

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Organizational policies chapter 4 integration typically must be considered include, but are not limited to: When a project is performed under contract, contractual provisions will generally be constraints.

Assumptions are factors that, for planning purposes, will be considered to be true, real, or certain. For example, if the date that a key person will become available is uncertain, the team may assume a specific start date.

Sudall, Mrs. | Mathematics / Chapter 4 Integration

Chapter 4 integration generally involve a degree of risk. A project planning methodology is any structured approach used to guide the project team during development of the project plan. It may be as simple as standard forms and templates whether paper or electronic, formal or informal or as complex as a series of chapter 4 integration simulations e.

Most project planning methodologies make chapter 4 integration of a combination of "hard" tools such as project management software and "soft" tools such as facilitated start-up meetings. Every stakeholder has skills and knowledge which may be useful in developing the project plan.

Chapter 4 Integration. - ppt video online download

The project management team must create an environment in which the stakeholders can contribute appropriately see also Section 9. Who contributes, what they contribute, and when will vary. On a construction project being done under a lump sum contract, the professional cost chapter 4 integration will make a major contribution to the profitability objective during proposal preparation when the contract chapter 4 integration is being determined.

On a project chapter 4 integration staffing is defined in advance, the individual contributors may contribute significantly to meeting cost and schedule objectives by reviewing duration and effort estimates for reasonableness.

A project management information system consists of the tools and techniques used to gather, integrate, and disseminate the outputs of the other project management processes.

AP Calculus Chapter 4 - Integration

It is used chapter 4 integration support all aspects of the project from initiating through closing and generally includes both manual and automated systems. The project plan is a formal, approved document used to manage and control project execution.


It should be distributed as defined in chapter 4 integration communications management plan e. In some application areas, the term integrated project plan is used to refer to this document. A clear distinction should be made between the project plan and the project performance measurement baselines.