CESMM Uploaded by faaderinto CESMM3 is used in measuring civil engineering works and it is very useful for quantity surveyors. (4) A large number of small changes to detailed rules of measurement, resulting in the removal of anomalies and differences in interpretation. ill., figs., tabs. ; 31cm. Subject: Institution of Civil Engineers. Civil engineering standard method of measurement. Added Entry: CESMM3 explained.


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Inafter cesmm3 explained deliberation and consultation, a revised document, entitled Standard Method of Measurement of Civil Engineering Quantities, was issued by the Institution of Civil Engineers, and this was reissued with slight amendments in and cesmm3 explained metric addendum in This amended the previous report to meet the changing needs of civil engineers and contractors, and tied up with the provisions of the General Conditions of Contract for use in connection with Works of Civil Engineering Construction.

Certain sections of the report were simpli?

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New sections covering site investigation and site clearance were cesmm3 explained and provision was made for the measurement of prestressed concrete. One of the projects that followed aimed at developing and testing an improved form of bill of quantities for civil engineering contracts, and the results were summarised in CIRIA cesmm3 explained This study sought to de?

The investigations incorporated the use of experimental features of bills of quantities on live civil engineering contracts. Following the publication of the CIRIA Report a steering committee was appointed by the Institution of Civil Engineers cesmm3 explained undertake a detailed reappraisal of the civil engineering code of measurement.

The steering committee spent? A reduction of the previous variety that frequently arose from house styles and often led to unnecessary confusion to tendering contractors.

There are also coding cesmm3 explained, which have no contractual signi? In these cases the best cost parameter is not the?

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Cost is very 5 6 Measurement Theory and Practice much in? It was claimed that bills prepared in accordance with the CESMM would be easier to compile, be of greater use to the cesmm3 explained, better re?


Additional items were inserted to keep pace cesmm3 explained new technology, particularly in site investigation and geotechnical processes.

A new section was included to cover sewer renovation. Furthermore, an attempt was made to secure greater compatability with building measurement cesmm3 explained, with the introduction of SMM7.

The third edition of Civil Cesmm3 explained Standard Method of Measurement CESMM3 updated the code, brought it into alignment with the sixth cesmm3 explained of the ICE Conditions of Contract, and new sections were introduced on water mains renovation and simple building works incidental to civil engineering works.

Scope of Civil Engineering Works Before comparing the methods adopted for the measurement of civil engineering work with those used for building work, some consideration should be given to the nature and scope of civil engineering works, to appreciate fully and understand the need for a different and separate mode of measurement to operate in respect of these latter works.

This comparison is included primarily for the use and guidance of quantity surveyors, many of whom are mainly concerned with cesmm3 explained measurement of building works. Civil engineering works encompass a wide range of cesmm3 explained projects, some of which are of great magnitude.

CESMM 3 explained

Cesmm3 explained cuttings and embankments, mass and reinforced concrete structures, large structural steel construction, reservoirs, sewage schemes, piling for heavy foundations, harbour works, dry docks, roads, canals and railways, all form the subject matter of civil cesmm3 explained contracts.

These works require considerable skill, ingenuity and technical knowledge in both their design and construction.


The use of new materials and techniques is continually cesmm3 explained the nature and methods of construction used in these projects, and the increasing size and complexity of these works demand a greater knowledge and skill for their measurement and valuation.

Some works involve elements of uncertainty, as for example the excavation work for extensive deep foundations or the laying of underground services under very variable site conditions.

Many civil engineering projects are carried out on the banks of rivers or on the sea coast, and on low-lying marshy land, thus making the operations that are involved even more dif?

For these cesmm3 explained it is essential that a code of measurement specially applicable to this class of work should be used.


Scope and Context of Civil Engineering Measurement Owing to the magnitude of most civil engineering works, it is advisable that the code of measurement adopted should be relatively simple, to avoid the separate measurement of labours and small items, cesmm3 explained of which were dealt with separately when measuring building work, prior to the introduction of SMM7.

Furthermore, owing to the very nature of the works, there is a great deal more uncertainty than on building works, and the method of measurement needs cesmm3 explained be more?

Extensive temporary works are likely to be required during the construction of civil engineering works and the contractor will need cesmm3 explained cover the cost of these works in some part of the bill of quantities.