The H axles are designed by Caterpillar for durability in all operating conditions. The front axle is rigidly mounted to the frame to support the weight of the. Home · Spec Search · All Types · Wheel Loader · CATERPILLAR h Operating Weight, lb, kg Static Tipping Weight, lb, kg. Caterpillar H Wheel Loader. A: Length with Bucket on Ground: ft in ( mm) B: Width Over Tires: ft in ( mm) C: Wheelbase: ft in ( mm) D: Height to Top of Cab: ft in ( mm) E: Ground Clearance: ft in ( mm) F: Hinge Pin - Max Height: G: Dump Clearance at Max Raise: H: Reach at.


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Caterpillar H wheel loader review

An cat 966h specs planetary powershift transmission with four speeds forward and reverse allow a top speed of John is pleased with the tyres fitted to the Cats. A mechanical ram with manual back-up tilts the whole rear hood for easy access to the engine bay; it also features built-in lift points to aid the full removal if needed.

Caterpillar has made it possible to remove the cab in about 45 cat 966h specs all the pipes and wires are fitted cat 966h specs quick disconnects so nothing has to be cut. It has also grouped the service points around the machine and made them easy to get at and work on.

The large rear grill swings out, followed by the coolers, to allow easy cleaning of the cooler cores.

Review: Caterpillar 966H wheel loader

A bank of oil sampling valves is located on the right side by the centre pivot and allows quick oil samples to be regularly collected from the engine, transmission and hydraulic systems. The oil samples are analysed to detect abnormal wear of components, which helps keep minor repairs from turning into major failures.

Greasing is taken care of by an auto greasing system that regularly emits a small amount of cat 966h specs to all the pins. The cat 966h specs wheel and controls are fully adjustable and the air suspension seat gives great comfort.

It does not include Diesel particulate filter, Pivoting loader and Quick hitch hydr. There are more detailed specifications and machine descriptions available in the original Caterpillar H specs data sheet. It provides automotive-style lumbar support for maximum comfort.

The right hand armrest has been optimized for easier adjustment. Steering Options Choices of steering systems cat 966h specs available to provide flexibility for your application. Conventional Steering The conventional steering configuration offers a low-effort hand metering unit hydraulic steering system.

Wheel Loaders

Load sensing steering directs power through the steering system only when cat 966h specs. When not steering, more engine power is available to generate rimpull, breakout force, lift force, and results in reduced fuel consumption.


The steering column tilts for maximum operator comfort. Visibility Visibility is excellent to both the front and rear of these machines. Distortion-free flat glass cat 966h specs to the floor of the cab for excellent visibility to the bucket.

The cab roof has channels which direct rain off the corners of the cab keeping windows clear. An overhang on all sides of the cab protects the operator from glare.

cat 966h specs

Caterpillar H specifications, manuals, technical data - Mascus UK

An optional rearview camera is available to clearly monitor movement behind the machine. Entry and Exit A ladder with self-cleaning steps keeps debris build-up to a minimum.


The ladder is inclined for easy entry and exit. Platforms are wide allowing ease of movement to the front or rear of the machine.


A vertically split window on the right-hand side of the cab is provided for easy opening and closing. Serviceability Easy to Maintain.

Hydraulic Service Center The hydraulic components are all conveniently located behind the hinged right side access ladder at cat 966h specs single ground level service center improving safety and reducing service time.

Caterpillar 966H Wheel Loader

Accessible from the service center are the transmission and hydraulic oil filters, brake accumulators, pressure test ports, etc. Electrical Service Center The electrical service center provides grouped ground level access to numerous electrical features, enhancing safety and convenience for operators and service technicians.

It cat 966h specs conveniently located beneath the left platform for access before entering the cab and contains the maintenance free batteries, hood tilt actuation cat 966h specs and master switch. Cooling System The cooling system is readily accessible for clean out and maintenance.

Lift arms are solid steel, providing superior strength, excellent dump clearance and reach while maintaining visibility to the bucket.