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Shipping Laurent and Damon is the equivalent of shipping a Nazi concentration camp guard with a Jewish prisoner. I know this is a current trend in the romance genre, but how much justified outrage has there been at these novels?

The fact that Captive Prince is being touted as a romance novel is the worst of a long list of faults and is incredibly captive prince volume one and insensitive to real victims of both rape and slavery.

The Captive Prince Trilogy

I kept waiting for it to get better but now I just feel so Savannah wrote: As per fan request, Pacat has also posted DVD commentaries for some chapters, and has posted about her techniques for crafting the much-praised tension in a Dec.

All proceeds went to the Australian Captive prince volume one Foundation. Since the canon does not show this aspect of the main pairing's dynamic, fanworks often depict the first time Damen is the receiving partner during intercourse.

A number of fanworks explore the relationship between Laurent and his brother Augusteincluding fix-it scenarios where Auguste is alive. Main Pairings Per AO3 captive prince volume one sidebar, most fanworks focused on canon relationships. It is obvious that Guion is intimidated by the robust male.

When inquired if the slave has a name, Jokaste remarks that the King shall be pleased if they were to call him 'Damen'. Soldiers barge into Damen's room and slit the throat of a palace slave - Lykiaos. When they captive prince volume one to seize him, he kills three men and get hold of a sword.

Captive Prince : C. S. Pacat :

When asked who sent them, a soldier replies that it was the King, Kastor his brother and that his father is dead. Damen is soon overwhelmed by the soldiers. He thought they would kill him, instead he is beaten, restrained and when he tried to free captive prince volume one, he was beaten again.


He is then thrown into a cell and is confused about the situation. He demands to see his brother but is doubtful when he discovers his capture was under Kastor's orders.

Captive Prince (Novel)

The next morning, thinking that he will be seeing his brother, he allows the soldiers to bound and handle him roughly. It is only when he realises where he is being led to, does he start struggling violently. They lead him to the slave baths.

There he is shackled, his arms pulled up above his head and is stripped. Adrastus dismisses the soldiers and makes captive prince volume one move to bathe him.

When Damen threatens him, he sends for a female slave one who suits Damen's taste to bathe him instead.

The Captive Prince Trilogy Series

She quickly undresses and proceeds to bathe him, soaping and scrubbing both his body and hair. During this time, Damen notices Adrastus is gone. The slave then oils every inch of his body.