Joseph Bogaard has been playing magic for over 16 years. Cantrips were originally introduced in Ice Age, where spells had the text “draw a. You know, drawing a card from playing a card, like Gitaxian Probe. Posted from App for U Cantrip - New Card Discussion - The Rumor Mill. A cantrip is any spell that allows you to draw a card in addition to it's regular effect (e.g. Peek). It is typically of low casting cost, and the drawing.


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Overnight we had another strong unrestricted cantrip a year after Thirst For Knowledge was restricted and blue decks, especially combo decks, got a big boost. It might be hard to imagine, but two cantrip magic that have the same 2 pieces of rules text Scry 2; Draw a card can have such radically different power levels.

Serum Visions was never considered strong enough to see Vintage or Legacy play, but it sees a cantrip magic of Modern play. Rounding out the blue playable cantrips is Gitaxian Probe.

Cantrips – Vintage Magic

A zero mana spell that draws a card and does something useful is just fine in two types of decks. First, decks that really wish they could just play less cantrip magic 60 cards like the Mono Blue Cantrip magic deckand second decks that can make use of either the effect Mono Blue Belcher also likes to see if the coast is clearor the fact that a spell was played Young Pyromancer and Monastery Mentor.

That rounds out the big 4 cantrips that are seeing play, and unsurprisingly all of them are blue. Top is an odd duck plain and simple.

So I thought I would talk about what they might print in the future and what would be good enough to start seeing play in Vintage. Either of those would be absurd. Maybe black could get that with a life payment, but I doubt they will recost any of these cards to single blue. I also doubt they will recost a spell like Desperate Ravings draw two, discard one to single mana, even without the flashback.

So what design space is left? It is stronger with fetch lands, so it would not be as good in Standard cantrip magic it would in the eternal formats, but it might not be too good to be immediately banned in Modern.

Sure they have Leap and Fleeting Distraction, but neither of cantrip magic are useful effects for eternal decks. Cantrip magic last thought was a compromise between Serum Visions and Preordain: Cantrips have had a few more twists and turns behind the scenes than many of you might realize.

Cantrip Down Memory Lane

Cantrip magic Cantrip, come on down — This is your life! You get one cantrip magic moment before you're trapped in the back of a glossary alongside terms that haven't seen print since tapped blockers didn't deal damage.

That's pre-Sixth Edition rules for those readers that might not been playing last millennium.

This is where the vast majority of mechanics fall. An example would cantrip magic something like cycling that came back once so far.


Force of Will and company. To become so popular and useful that it becomes engrained in the status quo.

Magic the gathering - What's a cantrip? - Board & Card Games Stack Exchange

Cantrip is one such mechanic. But this wasn't always the case.


I mean the actual word. It has cantrip magic sleight variance from source to source but basically it is a very minor magical effect.