Azur A User Manual (3 MB); Azur A User Manual (3 MB); Azur A User Manual (3 MB); Azur A User Manual. Find great deals for Cambridge Audio Azur A Amplifier - Black. Shop with confidence on eBay! The new A is our latest entry-level integrated amplifier housing some of Cambridge Audio's finest.


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This model is a few years old so most would consider the onboard DAC out of date at this point. If you're just dipping your toe into hi-rez digital audio, you probably don't care too much about that.

One thing I do not like about this amp is the misleading speaker terminals on the back. These are designed to work with bare, stripped copper wire only, according to the fine print in the manual. From pictures, it would be easy to assume these are like the 5-way binding posts that are on nicer speakers these days but that is not the case.

cambridge audio azur 351a

Cambridge Audio Azur a Integrated Amplifier (silver) | eBay

I've heard some people say you can make banana plugs work with these posts but I would not count on that. Spade connectors do not work, period.

I had a set of nice speaker cables with spades at each end and had to cut off them off at the end of the speaker wire that goes into the amp. Very clean sound, plenty cambridge audio azur 351a inputs, and very clean on the power side. It has a USB input with is also great.

Audio Centre - Cambridge Audio Azur A - Stereo System

Being able to hook your laptop up with one simple cord and bypass the sound card in your laptop is really great.

Tech specs While the built-in phono stage is a thing of the past as far as A is concerned — Cambridge makes fine, affordable outboard units if you need one — it cambridge audio azur 351a boasts a generous specification including five line level inputs, subtle-acting tone controls and remote operation.

The A pulls ahead of its rivals by also featuring a built-in digital-to-analogue converter. While that figure may not sound startling, it means this little amplifier can cambridge audio azur 351a drive most price compatible speakers to high levels in small to medium rooms. Sound quality This is a clear and precise sounding amplifier that foregoes the overt warm and smoothness of its Marantz rival for clean and analytical balance.