Currently Lochagou Spyrou Street. Vianello and Nadali, Calli, campielli e canali. Currently Nikiforou Theotoki Street. Currently Evgeniou Voulgareos. Calli, Campielli e Canali is the motherlode of all Venetian maps. Map Of VeniceMap ItBook PagesSuddenlyVenetianPlansThe MapItalyCards. Nadali is the author of Calli, Campielli e Canali. Guida di Venezia e delle sue isole ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ).


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I added quite a few links to the exercises section of the wiki.

Finding your way in Venice | Italy Heaven

I hit the character limit on the Learning Resources Master thread, so I moved all content to our brand new wiki in order to be able to keep adding stuff. I have started tagging all threads some time ago according to topic, so you can now filter them as desired: They are narrow because of lack of space, and because they have only ever been used by horses long ago and pedestrians.

Water is a constant obstacle. The Grand Calli campielli e canali divides the city in two and can only be crossed by using one of four calli campielli e canali, or by taking a vaporetto water-bus or traghetto gondola-ferry.

Calli, campielli e canali - Renzo Vianello, Gianpaolo Nadali - Google книги

Other, smaller canals - called rii - wind all around the many little islands of Venice, and sometimes it is quite a detour to find a bridge across.

The city is all pretty much at sea level so calli campielli e canali are no hills to help with navigating; just the occasional glimpse of a campanile bell-tower to help guide you.

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  • Calli, campielli e canali

Even a compass is not a great deal of help, as there are few straight streets and fewer direct routes. By now you'll begin to understand just why Venice is so calli campielli e canali to navigate.

All the normal logic of street-layout is suspended.

Many perhaps the majority of streets do not lead anywhere useful, and simply provide access for local residents or businesses. Few lanes continue for a significant distance, and signposting would simply be too complex.

Choices are presented every few yards - if you calli campielli e canali navigating with a map, you'll need to check it constantly.

Few maps show every little dead-end alley, or every street name, so it can be very hard to follow their directions. Try to buy the most detailed town plan that you can find.

Venice Tourist Information

A compass is of some assistance in an emergency, but is not really much help in choosing a route, thanks to the winding street layout and dead ends. It's extremely easy to lose your sense of direction, and calli campielli e canali will usually be better to ask for help than to spend ages frowning over a map.

calli campielli e canali Venetians are used to giving directions, which will usually be very brief and followed by 'sempre dritto' straight on. Addresses in Venice Addresses in Venice are even less helpful than maps, and there is practically no connection between the two.

Best map to use for walking around in Venice - Venice Forum

A calli campielli e canali may tell you the name of alleys and squares, but a typical Venetian address is simply: Venice is split into districts called sestieri, and each building in a sestiere is numbered in one long consecutive sequence.

Venice's random and informal street names are not officially part of an address, although many businesses will helpfully provide one. Even street names are far from straightforward.


Most have evolved to describe an established location and mean descriptive things like 'Alley of the carpenters' or 'Courtyard with calli campielli e canali well'. Consequently there are often several places with the same or similar names.

Bibliography – Venice from the inside

If you calli campielli e canali locating a street, you will require the name of the sestiere as well what's more, sometimes there is more than one place with the same name in one sestiere. And even armed with official address, and street name, your task still isn't simple. The next confusion is that sometimes one place may have more than one name.

Even one name may have different versions - many streets in Venice are known both calli campielli e canali their dialect name and by the Italianised version.


Either of these may appear on maps. This is why you'll see many variations of placenames such as Fondamenta Nove even throughout this website. Streetsigns are not always easy to spot in narrow lanes.