Abstract. BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to evaluate the diagnostic significance of CA for endometriosis without ovarian. CA may be useful for the diagnosis of deep endometriosis, especially when both are collected during menstruation and in midcycle. Read about the pros and cons of cancer antigen (CA ) as a diagnostic test for endometriosis, a painful, chronic condition.


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Endometriosis has been reported in the liverbrain, lung, and old surgical scars.

High CA – in Patients with Endometrioma

Endometrial implants, while they may become problematic, are ca 125 endometriose benign i. The test's ability to accurately identify cancer its sensitivity improved when the researchers also tested DNA collected from blood and other tissues. Srivastava, who was not involved in the study.

In patients with endometriosis, complete resection of the disease was performed during laparoscopy. After laparoscopy, patients were divided into two groups: The diagnosis was suspected by visual identification of the lesions and confirmed by histopathological analysis, considering ca 125 endometriose gold standard.

Endometriosis Diagnostic Test CA Is Questioned

Statistical analyses were performed using MedCalc for Windows, version Ca 125 endometriose value of was considered statistically significant. Results The study group included 34 patients with histological diagnosis of DIE and the control group consisted of 20 patients without visual diagnosis of endometriosis at the time of laparoscopy.


Their baseline ca 125 endometriose are outlined in Table 1. The groups were similar according to age but gravidity was significantly higher in the tubal ligation group, as expected. Baseline characteristics of patients with dosages of CA in menstruation and in the midcycle.


Serum CA values were significantly higher in patients with DIE than in controls in both phases of the cycle. Median CA in the menstrual phase were Median difference between Ca 125 endometriose group and controls in the menstrual phase was Boxplot showing the distribution of CA between controls and patients with deep infiltrative endometriosis DIE in the menstrual phase.

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Serum CA values were lower ca 125 endometriose midcycle than in menstrual phase, in both groups. Median CA in the midcycle phase were Boxplot showing the distribution of CA between controls and patients with deep infiltrative endometriosis DIE in the midcycle phase.

CA and endometriosis.

This difference ca 125 endometriose statistically significant. Receiver operating characteristic curve analysis revealed that the area under the curve for endometriosis without endometriomas was 0. In diagnosis of endometriosis without endometriomas, both the maximal accuracy of Negative predictive value was However, the accuracy of using only CA testing for diagnosis is still limited.

Serum CA testing can be done during initial screenings of women with possible endometriosis.

Before establishment of diagnosis with surgery, a less invasive test is therefore important for initial screening of possible cases of ca 125 endometriose. Recent technical progress in transvaginal ultrasonography Guerriero et al.

ca 125 endometriose These tools, together with symptoms and pelvic examination, appear to detect ovarian endometriomas with high sensitivity and specificity; however, current techniques are still limited in detecting small peritoneal lesions Eskenazi et al.

In addition to noninvasive imaging technologies, several biological markers for endometriosis can also be applicable to clinics Kitawaki et al. In this context, a less invasive test is needed that can ca 125 endometriose used as the initial screening for cases of endometriosis without ovarian endometriomas.