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It was a great experience and we will never buchungs formular it. It was a pleasure for us to stay with you.

The three weeks buchungs formular us definetely, we learnt a lot about the Irish way of life and we are going to live our lifes the Irish buchungs formular.

Wish you the best and hope that we will meet again.


Cheers, slainte and best regards from Austria. Georg and Lucas, 22, Austrians I miss you.

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You made me feel so good. I would like to come back some day. The atmosphere buchungs formular the school is genuine, brilliant and the surroundings beautiful.


buchungs formular The buchungs formular thing is that you feel relaxed and don't have any pressure to learn English. I think, this is really important if you want to to do your best, mainly for people shy like me. The organisation is very accurate too and the skills and quality of teachers are fantastic.

Jose Ignacio, 35, Spanish, Manager Thanks a lot for a successful and interesting week.

German-English translation for "Buchungsformular"

Being a language teacher myself I buchungs formular very critical with language schools and I am completely satisfied! Keep on working like that! I will recommend your school. Rita, 52, German, teacher We would like to thank all of you for everything! It is hard to believe that we have buchungs formular leave Ireland today.

Term Bank - buchungsformular - German English Dictionary

We had such a great time and are very sad that we have to leave. It was a pleasure for us to buchungs formular five weeks together with you.

We learned so much, our English has improved a lot and we enjoyed the activities with you. The buchungs formular in class and also our work-experience were really good experiences.

It was not only a school of teaching English, it was like a big family!!

Anmeldung fuer Sprachkurse in Irland | Learning English in Ireland

We wish you all the best and hope that you's stay as you are because you are such a great team. A million thanks to everyone of you! We buchungs formular love to come back next year. Alissa, 21 and Tanja, 19, buchungs formular from Germany I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed my stay in Wexford.


It was a wonderful time and I felt very much at ease in the school. The small number of students, the lovely surroundings and the friendly atmosphere pleased me buchungs formular lot.

Rezervační formulář

I enjoyed the lessons and believe that I highly benefited from them. I met many friendly buchungs formular open-minded people, Irish people and foreingers alike.

Thank you very much for your kindness. I'd buchungs formular return to Ireland and to the Slaney Language Centre.

Victoria, 21, Italian My thoughts and feelings are still roaming in County Wexford. I shall miss the morning hours amoung the buchungs formular crowd of striving students, encouraging teachers, an always helpful secretary and a caring manager.