Brixton Riots April , an eye witness accounts of the riots in and around the Frontline, Atlantic Road, Railton Road, Coldharbour Lane and Brixton Road. Jump to Other rioting - Overall unemployment in Brixton stood at 13 percent, with percent for ethnic On 10 July, there was fresh rioting in ‎: ‎10–12 April Brixton. An inner-city suburb of London lit in flames from April 10thth, A battleground between black youths and police. How did it get.


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Since World War Twothe area of Brixton, situated in the borough of Lambeth, London, England and heavily populated by West Indian and East Indian immigrants, had been in decline; in a third of the housing in Lambeth brixton riots 1981 of a poor standard and the unemployment rate was high.

When Brixton went up in flames | UK news | The Guardian

Sixty-five percent of the unemployed were black. A police operation to address the crime rate brixton riots 1981 Brixton, one of the highest in London, resulted in a significant number of black youths being stopped and searched.


During the five days in early April leading up to the riots there were stop and searches in Brixton infuriating the local population and creating tensions between white police officers and youths.

The police officers approached the man, intending to take him to brixton riots 1981. An ambulance was called and police were brixton riots 1981 the youth in the car when a group of young blacks attacked it.

How smouldering tension erupted to set Brixton aflame – archive, 1981

The ambulance arrived and the injured youth was taken to hospital. A second police car arrived as a crowd of black youths was building up.

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Bottles were thrown through the police vehicles' brixton riots 1981. This incident ended when police reinforcements arrived, but the build-up of police patrols in the area continued through the rest of the night and into Saturday.

One brixton riots 1981 woman who lives in Spenser Road said that when she returned home on Friday evening at 6pm, Dulwich Road, parallel to Railton Road, was "filled with police and sirens and vehicles.

There brixton riots 1981 so many I thought they were on some sort of exercise. The young man was taken off in a van by uniformed police and missiles thrown at the van broke some of its windows. Certain incidents are omitted for obvious reasons.

A massive surge of adrenalin. Where are the bricks?

How smouldering tension erupted to set Brixton aflame – archive, | UK news | The Guardian

The cops are confused as they realise they are no longer in control. Puppets without a role. They look at us, at one another and around themselves. Down Mayall Road, brixton riots 1981 their vehicles in our hands. In the twinkling of a rioting eye the vehicles are smashed up and turned over.

A light is instantly provided and poof!

BBC NEWS | UK | The legacy of the Brixton riots

Up goes a cop's van. Laughter, dances of joy.


I see a comrade and we beam solidarity at one another. Our savage celebrations are interrupted by a charge of cops. They had regrouped with reinforcements.

When Brixton went up in flames

The cops are mad. I run to safety up a side street and meet another comrade. As we point with child-like glee brixton riots 1981 the rising pall of smoke; a white guy is bricked, inexplicably.