Abstract. Results of a controlled experiment on the role of brand awareness in the consumer choice process showed that brand awareness was a dominant. Journal of Business Research Brand awareness has been argued to have important effects on consumer decision making by influencing which brands enter. awareness and consumer/brand loyalty on brand equity. .. Measuring and Managing Customer-Based Brand Equity, Journal of Marketing.


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March 05, ; Accepted Date: March 15, ; Published Date: March 22, Brand awareness journal J Account Mark 6: This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

The purpose of the paper is to elaborate the relation between the awareness of a brand brand awareness journal the intention of consumer of buying that brand.

This has been done by going through different literature and articles by different authors. It will help the readers to come across the work done by various well known authors at one place and hence will help to know how knowing a brand well will affect the consumer in making decision about buying a product.

The consumer is not only well aware but he is also conscious about the products he is buying. The brand awareness journal It is made by the perception and experience of the consumers therefore; a wise and conscious consumer only buys the brands well known to him and is also favorable.

According to Macdonald and Sharp even brand awareness journal consumers want to purchase a certain product the recognition of brand will still be the most important and influencing factor in making a purchase decision.

When someone is buying a product and he has the name of the brand in his mind it means that that, the consumer is highly aware about that particular brand.

The Impact of Brand Awareness on the Consumers’ Purchase Intention

And if the products satisfy its consumers they not only remain loyal to their brand but they also help the brand to grow by advertising their brand through their word brand awareness journal mouth.

The product that has higher brand brand awareness journal will definitely grow better in the market and help the company in earning profits. Therefore, we can say that as the brand recognition or, the number of customers will increase and finally the market share and profits will also grow.

So, the purpose of the study is to know the effects of brand awareness on the customer purchase intention.

The Impact of Brand Awareness on the Consumersand#; Purchase Intention | OMICS International

There are two important dimensions on which a brand base that are physiological and psychological dimensions. This is the brand awareness journal relationship of a consumer with the product.

Image and perception derive value. Perceptions of the consumers are shaped by few guidelines like functional and emotional experiences.


Thus, if the most worthy recognition in the world occupies the correct corner of the mind of a consumer, it becomes a brand. The major brand assets categories are: Brand equity and brand brand awareness journal.

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It refers to brand awareness brand awareness journal. Brand awareness is the measurement of the accessibility of a brand in the memory of the customer.

We can measure it through brand recall.