Learn everything about creating a bestselling book cover design including book cover design tools, tips, tricks and even design services. A book cover brings words to life. It's also the #1 sales tool for the book. Here's everything you need to know to design the perfect book cover. Adobe Spark's free online book cover maker helps you easily create your own custom book and novel covers that attract readers, no design skills necessary.


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Examples include author and publishing company logos, as well as barcodes so the book can be sold in stores. Budget Both the designer and author should be aware of the extra costs that can add up during the design process. This will include but is book cover design for limited to font licenses, stock images, ISBN identifier and barcode.

Diagram of the different book styles. Understand the elements of a cover A book cover has three mandatory parts: The paper cover wraps around the book book cover design for includes flaps on either side.

A great design that connects the front and back covers into a cohesive whole.


At many printers, there are many other premium book cover design for available including thicker paper weights, linen-wrapped hardbacks, foil stamping, varnishing, and embossing.

These options add high-value to your design but also increase the cost of each book. Research the market Consider some guidelines: Keep price point in mind: There are lots of beautiful books out there—but not all designs will work for every book.

Consider input from the author or publisher. Make a Pinterest board of comparable titles with successful covers and book packages.

Go to your local bookstore and handle books to get a feeling for the different paper thicknesses book cover design for materials. A cover that uses a strong photograph of the author to build on an already established brand.

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Figure out what book cover design for design needs to emphasize Think of book cover design for cover or front of the dust jacket as an extension of the marketing plan for the book. Is it a character in the book? The style of writing? The setting where the book takes place or topic in history it covers?

If the book is similar to a hugely successful blockbuster, think about ways you can subtly evoke that title without creating a cheap copy. Maybe the author is considering writing a sequel or plans on building the title into a series.

If the author is well known the strongest piece of marketing might be their name.

How to design a book cover: the ultimate guide - 99designs

But for most authors, the book has to stand alone and make an impression among its competitors on a bookshelf. The downside of this is that narrowing down book cover design for style can be a challenge.

Book covers can feature a photograph, illustration or abstract design. They can feature everything from cartoonish book cover design for to stark, modern typography. A playful, yet polished, illustrated design for davidheidenstam.

While lots of books on shelves feature stock images, you do run the risk another book could come out with the nearly same cover.

Book Cover Design Templates

Adobe — If you have Photoshop or InDesign software already, you can learn how to use it to create book covers. Super advanced, but it does allow for much better designs.

Book cover design for the Photoshop tutorial and InDesign Tutorial.