Amongst all the valuable literature available for homoeopathy, it would be unjustified to not mention, william Boericke's efforts. One of his most valued. Items 1 - 12 of - A Complete online collection of homeopathy and BHMS books online. Buy homeopathic | BHMS | medical books and get great deals and. Boericke's New Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica with Repertory [William Boericke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The book.


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The grouping of the medicines according to the name boericke repertory diseases, though discouraged by many stalwarts, has given birth to several clinical repertories.

Such a kind of practice boericke repertory much favored boericke repertory Dr. Burnett in his writings, has given examples of different cases i. For example- He has treated many cases of jaundice, enlargement of liver, tumor of liver by Chelidonium majus; for traumatic uterus he had used Hypericum, Arnica, Bellis per, Kali chlor, cuprum acet.

Compton Burnett advocated more in favor of such practice but he could not compile a separate repertory for that purpose and the credit for compiling the first useful clinical boericke repertory goes boericke repertory Dr.

Boericke repertory is based on his dictionary of Materia Medica. Scope and limitations of clinical repertories Though Clinical repertories have not been put to their fullest utility, this can be very useful too if the scope and limitations are properly understood and implemented in practice.

William Boericke

Clinical repertories can be used in the study of Homoeopathic therapeutics as well as Materia Medica. They help us to repertorize the following types of cases — a Cases lacking in mental symptoms and physical boericke repertory symptoms b Cases with clinical diagnosis c Cases with a few symptoms 3.

They are used as quick reference books while in doubt and confusion at bedside. Not only that boericke repertory also helps to reduce the number of probable medicines for a given disease condition bearing a nosological label.


Clinical Repertories contain boericke repertory rubrics, which are not found in other general repertories; therefore they can become a good companion in the study of such rubrics.

Clinical repertories help us to find the most appropriate boericke repertory medicines in incurable cases.


Regional boericke repertory help in finding out the most similar medicine in a specific clinical condition. In acute cases boericke repertory helps best as the patient usually does not say all his symptoms during sufferings except particular symptoms.

Limitations- Clinical Repertories are based on nosological terms and clinical conditions, which are the results of clinical observations; hence their use is limited to particular type of cases.

They are mainly used for reference work. Need of pathology in prescribing It helps to understand the symptom in context with the whole; with respect to natural history of disease and place each symptom in proper relative importance.

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They are important to prescribe the truly homoeopathic remedies, not the seemingly homoeopathic ones. The book had no repertory part in the first edition. It was added boericke repertory 3rd edition onwards.


The 1st Indian edition came in Vide ref. It was published by Roy Publishing House, Kolkata. It contains an introduction by Dr B. boericke repertory

Many of the sections have been carefully rewritten and with appropriate expansion; offer a more trustworthy guide for the selection of the medicines. Though it is called a boericke repertory repertory it actually contains both clinical conditions boericke repertory subjective symptoms i.

According to Hahnemannian schema. It has 25 chapters.

William Boericke - Wikipedia

Largest chapter — Female Sexual System Smallest Chapter — Gums This repertory contains almost all medicines present in the Materia Medica part by William Boericke, which has total number boericke repertory medicines.

The index provides a list of medicines but 5 medicines appear twice because boericke repertory their dual names. The typography resembles the original.


The soft leather cover, delicate Bible paper and superb boericke repertory makes it pleasant to handle. The revisions and the many new remedies make this a worthy replacement.