Blue Sky Dream is a book incredibly rich in ideas, in ways of seeing the recent David Beers explores issues that define our times - downsizing, middle-class. Blue Sky Dream has 70 ratings and 16 reviews. Harold said: In his writings, H.P. Lovecraft drew on a long tradition of men meddling in arcane knowledge. "Blue Sky Dream: A Memoir of America's Fall From Grace" is an David Beers, a journalist and a former staffer for "Mother Jones," has really.


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Blue Sky Dream: A Memoir of America's Fall from Grace - David Beers - Google книги

What's particularly bizarre about the book is that it's written from his point of view, and he's not and never has been an aerospace engineer, nor has he ever had any job related to the industry. So his outrage is second-hand, felt on behalf of others who actually were a part of the blue sky dream david beers rather than merely feeling the effects of that dream, and yet clearly very personal nonetheless.

It's primarily a memoir about him, and his experiences.


But while it is very difficult to stomach a lot of the book, it's still an interesting read, which is why I blue sky dream david beers given the book a lower rating. Thinking about it, I think a lot of the incomprehensibility of his bewildering perspective comes from the differences in our background.

My dad is a veteran who worked in aerospace, and even for Lockheed, yes he designed the guidance system for the Polaris missilebut he was an early casualty of downsizing, getting laid off blue sky dream david beers year I was born.

He then, like the people Beers interview later in the book, spent more than a year without a job, and eventually found himself creating new careers, most of them relating to the computer industry. That probably is why it's so hard for me to relate to the idea of them as different tribes.

My dad remained friends with other veterans who remained at Lockheed until retirement, but most of his friends were involved less with "macro engineering" building vehicles, blue sky dream david beers, missiles than "micro engineering" processors, modems, other computer components and peripherals.

David Beers explores issues that define our blue sky dream david beers - downsizing, middle-class anxiety, the profound anger with government, the sense that something has gone awry with the United States - with such skill, personal immediacy, and compassion that readers will see their own histories in his prose.

The first is a chronicle of the rise and fall of America's aerospace industry; the second is a personal memoir of growing up in the s in suburban California. In the anthropological terms the author likes to use, it's the story of a privileged, favored tribe, blessed in every respect, and the God of Technology they end up worshiping in vain.

Blue Sky Dream by David Beers |

Beers was still a baby when his father blue sky dream david beers to work for Lockheed's Missiles and Space Division in the late '50s. Once an area of orchards and farms, it was soon transformed into suburbs by other "promising modern" families like the Beerses, all members of the "Blue Sky Tribe" whose fortunes were tied to aerospace.

The Beerses--mother, father and four children--were a perfect blue-sky family. David's father, a Navy pilot turned engineer, took pride in his blue sky dream david beers as well as his fix-it-up skills at home.

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