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The option that best biologi sbmptn 33 is Americans will deserve higher education for their future B. American students are suggested to take entrepreneurial skills D.


Numbers 34 to 37 refer to the following passage. Passage 2 For the Biologi sbmptn bluefin tuna, sitting at the popular kids' table surely is not paying off.


The stock of the fish is biologi sbmptn historically low levels and is being dangerously overfished, a new report shows. Fishery scientists estimate that the Pacific bluefin population has declined from its unfished level by more than 96 percent.


The report warns that stock levels likely will biologi sbmptn improve by extending the current fishing levels. Biologi sbmptn the world's scrombrids a family that includes tunas and mackerels — are on the endangered list.

One problem is that the majority of bluefins that fishermen are snagging are under a year old, further hindering the species' chance to procreate.


But the extreme lack supply is not deterring many buyers. If anything, low supplies of the fish have caused it to become a premium commodity, worth buying at biologi sbmptn prices.

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The director of biologi sbmptn Pew Environment Group has said that "the most responsible course of action is to immediately suspend the fishery until significant steps are taken to reverse this decline. So far, there biologi sbmptn been one minor step forward: In Junethe Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission set a quota for the tuna catch in the eastern Pacific for the first time ever.

Some of the other actions were preventing fishing on bluefin spawning grounds in the northern Pacific and creating size limits to reduce the number of juvenile bluefin caught. With reference biologi sbmptn the passage, an environmentalist will most likely What does the author assume regarding the Pacific bluefin tuna?

The bluefin tunas show a gradual annual decrease in number. The fishery of the bluefin has been suspended from year to year. A greater number of fishermen have caught the fish in the Biologi sbmptn.

The family of bluefin tunas could be extinct because of illegal fishing. The fish will be well-sold over the world if successfully promoted. The points provided in paragraph 1 of the passage explain that Questions 38 to 41 refer to the following passage. Biologi sbmptn 3 Every January, many people start working out, hoping to lose weight.

But as studies attest, exercise often produces little or no weight loss and even weight gain and resolutions are soon biologi sbmptn.

But new science suggests that if you stick with biologi sbmptn right kind of exercise, you may change how your body interacts with food.