1 bestseller in the US for the first week of , All The Light We Cannot See tells the It also won the National Book Award for fiction. The 10 Best Books of AMERICANAH. By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Alfred A. Knopf, $ THE FLAMETHROWERS. By Rachel Kushner. Scribner, $ LIFE AFTER LIFE. By Kate Atkinson. A Reagan Arthur Book/Little, Brown & Company, $ Find your next great read with NPR Books' best-of reading guide.


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Paolo Coelho -- the Brazilian author of The Alchemist, and many other best seller books 2013 that have sold millions of copies worldwide -- is such a big believer in giving away his books for free that he set up his own piracy site called Pirate Coelho.

Seth Godin gained much of his following by releasing his book The Idea Virus online, for free. It was downloaded more than 1 million times.

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Hell, even I gave away my first book Recession Proof Graduate for free. The marketing machines you set up will automatically increase your sales indefinitely. I use App Anniewhich automatically sends me a beautiful snapshot report of my daily ebook sales.

For tracking clicks, Best seller books 2013 use Bit.

Continual stream of Amazon reviews. As long as your reviews keep going up, your product is being validated. I knew that Hoehn was rotten! I'm always suspicious of anything with a skewed record.

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The truth is that I just asked all 30 of my Beta Readers to leave a review. I even publicly stated why I was doing this two months before release: I never asked anyone to leave a 5-star, or even a positive review. And even when best seller books 2013 not gamed, people still suspect authors of foul play.

Case in point, my 1-star review: We got a fair amount of flak when we launched The 4-Hour Body. Tim just gave away hundreds of advance copies to blog readers.

On launch day, he sent out a link to the Amazon page and asked these early readers to leave a review. Getting a foundation of positive Best seller books 2013 reviews doesn't have to be manipulative or slimey at all.

In fact, it should be harmonious.


I never had to force anyone to leave a review; I just asked. Email 1 -- February 2, Subject: It meant a lot to me, and you made a big impact on best seller books 2013 the book ultimately turned out. Anyway, that's it for now. Have a great weekend, and I hope you're well!

Charlie Email 2 -- February 7, Subject: Hey [Beta reader], The book is finally up for sale on Amazon: It'd really help a ton.

Adult New York Times Adult Hardcover Best Seller Listings

The first popular review of this book is probably going to be THE best seller books 2013 that people will see for years to come. If you have time to write one today, that'd be great. Great reviews usually consist of: Notice the post-script, where I tell them HOW to leave a review.