The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a American fantasy romantic drama film directed by David Fincher. The storyline by Eric Roth and Robin Swicord  Based on‎: ‎The Curious Case of Benjamin Butt. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. M likes. The Official Facebook Page of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button movie reviews & Metacritic score: “I was born under unusual circumstances.” And so begins The Curious Case of Benjami.


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Additional time was needed at visual effects house Digital Domain to make the visual effects for benjamin button metamorphosis of Brad Pitt's character to the infant stage.


The benjamin button station was built as a 3D model and lighting and aging effects were added, using Next Limit's Maxwell rendering software—an architectural visualization tool. It was also nominated in ten other categories: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button suggests an addendum: Scott of The New York Times states: Fincher has added a dimension of delicacy and grace benjamin button digital filmmaking" and further states: What's less clear is whether it entirely earns its benjamin button inflated sense of self-importance" and further says, "It plays too safe when it should be letting its freak flag fly.

I didn't buy it for a second. It's a gimmick that goes on for nearly three hours," concluding "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is an anodyne Hollywood film that offers a safe and sanitised view of life and death.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - IMDb

It's Forrest Gump goes backwards," while awarding the film two out of five stars. In terms of the basic requirements of three-reel drama the film lacks substance, credibility, a decent script and characters you might actually care for" [39] while Derek Malcolm of London's Evening Standard notes that "never at any point do you feel that there's anything more to it than a very strange story traversed by a film-maker who knows what he is doing but not always why he is doing it.

The Criterion release includes over three benjamin button of special features, benjamin button a documentary about the making of the film.


Benjamin button retires from the army to focus on his company, and receives a medal. InBenjamin, now looking like a year-old, turns over control of his company to his son, Roscoe, and enrolls at Harvard University.

His first year there is a great success: However, during his junior and senior years he is only 16 years old, too weak to play football and barely able to benjamin button with the benjamin button work.

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After graduation, Benjamin returns home, only to learn that his wife has moved to Italy. He lives with Roscoe, who treats him sternly, and forces Benjamin button to call him "uncle.

Eventually, Roscoe has a child of his own who later attends kindergarten with Benjamin. After kindergarten, Benjamin slowly begins to lose memory of his earlier life. benjamin button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Reviews - Metacritic

His memory fades away to the point where he cannot remember anything except his nurse. Everything fades to darkness shortly after.


Similar stories[ edit ] Fitzgerald, in his introduction to the story, remarks that he came across a similar plot in Samuel Butler 's Note-Books several weeks after publishing Benjamin Benjamin button. Inwell-known British novelist Oliver Onions published a novel, The Tower of Oblivionabout a man of 45 who begins to age backward, to grow benjamin button.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (short story)

Ballard benjamin button story "Mr F. Trajecte final "Final journey" [3] collection of short stories contains a story "El regressiu" - "The regressive" set in a dystopian benjamin button with strict birth control in which a man starts regressing in age when he hits 78 and dies as an infant.

The short story "Angel of the Backward Look" by Jennifer Loraine is about a man benjamin button starts to get younger, losing height and weight and regressing in age and mental ability.