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If you do not get the meaning of a Word, try with a similar word.


If you can not get the meaning even after trying with similar words, please let us know the word and we will add that word to our dictionary immediately.

So dada in Bengali refers only to the elder brother, drawing from the Sanskrit dayad. Of course, Dada in all bengali to english dictionary means Sourav Ganguly.

Now the act of being coy, or flirty, or a tease. A dhongi is a drama queen.

Samsada Bangala Abhidhana

A hollow sound is all the word conveyed till Sahitya Samsad brought out its enlarged edition bengali to english dictionary the dictionary. It would be tough to make an editor of an English dictionary understand the concept, forget an English equivalent.

But we have had it in our culture since the time of Ishwar Gupta. It is the practice of marking off food that has been partly eaten, or sometimes just cooked.

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In its more complex manifestations in traditional Bengali homes, ento transmitted like electricity, corrupting everything that came into its contact, only to be purged by much washing of hands, clothes, utensils or of the floor. Bengali to english dictionary is still observed in some households.

Bengali - English translation - Swedish-English dictionary

In addition to providing you the matching Bengali words for your search, it also gives you related Bengali words. This will be helpful to bengali to english dictionary out the meaning of any word.

Features of the Dictionary: However, if you have a good guide and some determination, it may not be so difficult to learn. Note that whenever you search the dictionary descriptions for a English or Bengali terms, there might be several detected matches, as the app lists all the dictionary entries that include your keyword.

Bengali to english dictionary can switch between 'bangla to english' and 'english to bangla' from menu.

You can scroll up down by touch. So, even your spelling is wrong, you can find your desired word by scrolling up down.