Hence the difference that has arisen between the Hijri calendar and the Bangla one: is of the Bangla year but of the Hijri year. The difference. BENGALI CALENDAR Shukla Chakraborty1 year ago. Ar bangla calendar,com. The Bengali Calendar: A proud possession, by M. Arshad Ali (I followed the rules described here.) Virtual Bangladesh: History of the Bangla Year · The History.


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Bengali Calendar , &

In the "Tarikh-e-Elahi" version of the calendar, each day of the month had bengali calendar 1422 separate name, and the months had different bengali calendar 1422 from what they have now. According to Banglapedia, Akbar's grandson Shah Jahan reformed the calendar to use a seven-day week that begins on Sunday, and the names of the months were changed at an unknown time to match the month names of the existing Saka calendar.

All the yearly panjikas till date in bengali year are also available.


The month names are abbreviated bengali calendar 1422. See list above for full names. The bengali calendar 1422 of the Bengali month is sunrise of the Gregorian date listed under it, and its length is shown next to the date.

More than two decades into his rule, Emperor Akbar, third in the Mughal line, had set up, what was at the time, the most powerful empire on Earth. This calendar, modestly titled the Tarikh-e-Ilahi, calendar of God, was introduced in the year AD.

Please find the Festivals of Kartik Month included in right under the Dates with Images. They had followed the Islamic Hijri calendar and since it is lunar and did not coincide with the seasons, there was bound to be confusion, said the article. The emperor then decided to go for a new calendar which merged bengali calendar 1422 Islamic calendar, the historical Bengali calendar based on Surya Sidhant, a Sanskrit astronomy text, and the emperor's own date of coronation, the Scroll article said.

The Bangla year bengali calendar 1422 not take into account these extra hours. Bangla months too were of different lengths.

Did you know that modern Bengali calendar was invented by Emperor Akbar?

In order to counter this discrepancy and make the Bangla calendar more precise, a committee to reform the Bangla calendar bengali calendar 1422 set up on 17 February under the auspices of the bangla academy and under the guidance of muhammad shahidullah. Under the recommendations of the committee, the months from Baisakh to Bhadra were to be counted as of 31 days each, while the months from Asvin to Chaitra were to be considered as of 30 days, with Chaitra having 31 days every four years.

According to the popular hypotheses about the beginning of Bengali calendar, Mughal Emperor Akbar, who ruled from CE until CE, and one of his councilors Fatehullah Shirazi are credited with bengali calendar 1422 the new Bengali calendar for tax collection purposes.

Before the introduction of the Bengali calendar, during Muslim rule in India agricultural and land taxes were collected according to the Islamic Hijri calendar.

Bengali Calendar

However, as the Hijri Calendar is a lunar calendar, the agricultural year did not always coincide with the fiscal year. Therefore, farmers were hard-pressed to pay taxes out of season.

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In order to streamline tax collection, Emperor Akbar ordered a reform of the calendar. Bengali calendar 1422, Amir Fatehullah Shirazi, a renowned scholar of the time and the royal astronomer, formulated a new calendar based on the lunar Hijri and solar Hindu calendars.

The resulting Bangla calendar was introduced bengali calendar 1422 the harvesting season when the peasantry would be in a relatively sound financial position.

During the reign of the Mughals, the Bengali Calendar was officially implemented throughout the empire.


Now adding years to the Islamic year of AH when the system startedwe get This is how we have the New Year of BS this year. Also one can bengali calendar 1422 the difference between the Bengali Calendar and the Islamic Calendar. In other words, an extra 14 years were produced in the Islamic bengali calendar 1422 since the commencement of the Bengali calendar, and that explains why it is AH, but BS.

The adoption and modification of calendars are done by many countries — Islamic or non-Islamic — to suit their needs.


Iran uses the Solar Hijri Calendar, called the Sham Hijri SHwhich begins with the vernal equinox the start of spring in the northern hemisphere.