Efeitos de um treino cognitivo na qualidade de vida e no bem-estar psicológico de idosos [Effects of a cognitive training on the quality of life and well-being of. SAÚDE, BEM-ESTAR E ENVELHECIMENTO. CONDIÇÕES DE VIDA E SAÚDE DOS IDOSOS. DO MUNICÍPIO DE SÃO PAULO. Faculdade de Saúde Pública. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Ana Monteiro and others published Bem-estar sexual dos idosos: Uma Análise de Correspondência Múltipla.


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The results of this study revealed that an excellent state of well-being, defined by the authors are bem estar do idoso subjective well-being and high psychological well-being, increased with age, schooling, strong dispositional traits such as extroversion and consciousness, but decreases with neuroticism, seen as a negative component of personality.

Finally, the investigation bem estar do idoso the influence of time studying at the University of the Third Age U3A on level of satisfaction with life and the sense of psychological adjustment. The majority of the participants were women, aged between 60 and 69 years, had completed high school education, were retired and lived with the family Table 1.

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In order to determine benefits associated with time studying at the U3A, participants were divided into two groups: Group I - 92 recently enrolled students, having studied at the U3A for less than one academic semester; and Group II - 48 students that had studied for more than one academic semester.

Mean age in Group I was Mean age for the overall sample of participants was The minimum age found in the study sample was 50 years and the maximum 92 bem estar do idoso Table 1.

Regarding schooling, mean schooling at institutions of formal education was 9. bem estar do idoso


Considering the total sample, mean schooling was 8. The two groups Groups I and II were submitted to statistical tests to identify any differences in sociodemographics.

O Estatuto do Idoso

Bem estar do idoso absence of differences between the two groups on all parameters, with the exception of study time at the U3A, confirmed the reliable comparison of the effect negative or positive of time studying at the U3A Table 1.

Procedures Data was collected individually by previously trained graduate students of Gerontology using: The information for these variables was employed to check for possible influence on the study scales outlined below.

This instrument, devised by Cantril inis an example of a single item scale. It is a graphically-based scale in the form of a ladder, with steps numbered from 1 to 10 representing a point scale rising from worst life to best life. This consists of a scale comprising 12 items, each rated on a 5-point scale ranging from 1 very dissatisfied to 5 very satisfied bem estar do idoso by Neri11for measuring subjective well-being indicated by satisfaction with life on four domains: This comprises a scale adapted by Neri12 based on six subscales of psychological well-being produced by Ryff13 and three subscales bem estar do idoso generativity,14,15 giving a item scale.

Eighteen items reflect the subscales of Ryff13 with three items for each of the six dimensions positive relationship with others, personal growth, personal acceptance, autonomy, purpose in life, and control of environment plus 12 items reflecting the concept of generativity, containing the subscales create, maintain and offer.

Dementia e Neuropsychologia

Each item is bem estar do idoso on a five-point scale 1-very slightly, 2-slightly, 3-moderately, 4-substantially and 5-very substantially. For this study, the results of the SDS were analyzed according to the procedures outlined by Queroz,7 based on 5 factors Factor 1: Concern for future generations; Factor 5: The author showed that 25 items is a sufficient number to measure psychological well-being.

These are conceptually aligned with the theoretical definition of psychological well-being 12 and with the concept of generativity. The School set up the University of the Third Age U3A in the second semester ofmaking available the following activities to the elderly population.

Complementary didactic-cultural activities - Gerontology Course: Regular subjects - Gerontology Bem estar do idoso Leisure and Tourism II Workshops. All participants received a copy of the free and informed consent term, guaranteeing the right to voluntary participation and withdrawal from the study if and when they wished.

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Statistical analyses In order to describe the sample bem estar do idoso according to the several study variables, frequency tables of categorical variables, and descriptive statistics including measures bem estar do idoso position and dispersion of continuous variables, were built.

The Chi-square test was used to compare categorical variables between groups, and Fisher's exact test was employed for expected values less than 5. Both tests compared the proportion observed of a given response with the proportion of responses obtained.

The Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was applied, the results of which confirmed that the continuous variables did not have a normal distribution p-value The data were keyed into Version 3.