Know as the first Daemon Prince, Be'lakor has stalked the worlds of the Imperium since the beginnings of mortal memory. Favoured of the four Chaos Gods. They have release a digital data slate for the character Be'lakor for both 40k and fantasy. This new way of delivering rules opens a plethora of. Goatboy with a quick review of the new Data Slate/Info/Old White Dwarf/Etc update from GW Digital. Hello Be'Lakor! First of all – this type of.


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Warriors of Chaos and Be'lakor - Wargaming Forum and Wargamer Forums

In more be lakor dataslate times, rumours say Be'lakor has begun shadowing be lakor dataslate new Champion of the Dark Gods: Supposedly, the Daemon Prince has spent centuries watching over him and influencing events as they ebb and flow around Abaddon, knowing on some level that their fates were bound.

During the 3rd Black Crusadelegends say that it was Be'lakor who manipulated the Daemon Prince Tallomin into aiding the Despoiler and ultimately assaulting Cadia.

Be'lakor was also reputed to be the one who told Abaddon of the treachery of Drecarth the Sightlessleading to the destruction of the Sons of the Eye during the 6th Black Crusade. In both instances, Be'lakor's actions seem to have aided Abaddon's rise to power, though closer examination exposes possible darker motives at work.

Though Tallomin exacted a terrible toll upon the armies of Cadia, he did so at the cost of numerous Black Legion warbands, much to Abaddon's ire, while Drecarth the Sightless could in time have proven a powerful ally for the Despoiler, had not Be'lakor fanned the embers of vengeance burning in Abaddon's heart.

There's also a short story in there. Basically exactly what you'd found had this Character been in be lakor dataslate codex.

So, on to the rules. First off be lakor dataslate can take him as an HQ-choice in either Codex: He isn't going to be an autopick for sure but he will fit in the hands of tactical players with his powers of disruption.

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Be lakor dataslate of all one of his downsides is that he doesn't have an armor save. This is a plus and a negative depending on how many grav weapons are in your meta. To counteract not having an armor save you have shrouded which gives you 2 plus to your cover saves.

And be lakor dataslate doesn't remove too much either possible a Tzeentch daemon prince, rather than a Slaanesh one, plus a few daemonettes. Hence I can easily see him being taken with a minimal detachment of be lakor dataslate to make it work.

And I think he will certainly see play in casual games too, for variation and shadowy themed armies Night Lords?


Garadon and his company gathered beneath the Banner of Staganda's tattered folds for one last effort, and Phalanx 's lower decks were consumed with be lakor dataslate fire as the spectral warriors of the Legion of the Damned suddenly joined the battle.

Taking their arrival as a sign that victory might yet be theirs, the 3rd Company counter-attacked, be lakor dataslate retook control of the mobile star fortress.

40k BatReps: First look at: Be'lakor dataslate

Afterwards, they brought Phalanx through the Warp to aid in be lakor dataslate defence of Cadia, including mortally wounding the Blackstone Fortress Will of Eternity. Despite all their efforts, that crucial Fortress World still be lakor dataslate to the Despoiler. However, Phalanx escaped the fall and helped Cadia's survivors flee the destruction of their world.

Great Rift Edit An opportunist, Be'lakor has been sighted fighting alongside the daemon legions of each of the gods since the opening of the Great Rift in ca.


If you are really afraid of getting shot well just hop into combat, everyone will need 5's to hit you and on most things 5's to wound you. Or he can puppet master be lakor dataslate Riptide or Wraithknight that is messing up your battle plans.