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Like many constitutionally minded liberals of the time, Pierre Bastiat initially approved of the events of the early stage of the French Revolution but came to oppose the Terror. bastiat collection

Nevertheless, he took advantage of the forced sale of aristocratic property to purchase his own estate, inacquiring a domain called Sengresse, bastiat collection Mugron, with a manor house and twelve bastiat collection farms, thus strengthening the economic position of the Bastiat family in the Chalosse region.

In Pierre fils married a young woman from Bayonne with whom he had two children: But their economic prosperity was short-lived.

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His mother and grandmother both died inwhen he was only seven. He was subsequently brought up by his bastiat collection and his aunt Justine, a kind, intelligent, bastiat collection devoted woman, who became his surrogate mother.

Perhaps to ensure that his talents were not left undeveloped, Bastiat collection decided that he should have an excellent education. The first reform was to enroll pupils from different social, religious, geographical, and cultural backgrounds in order to create a truly cosmopolitan and tolerant environment for learning.

Bastiat Collection

Pupils came from several European bastiat collection and even as far away as the United States. In addition, by employing a Bastiat collection as well as a Protestant chaplain to minister to students of both denominations, the school exemplified in a day-to-day practical manner the notion that different religious groups could flourish and learn side by side.

Latin and Greek, so-called dead languages, were minimized in favor of English, German, Italian, and Spanish.

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Bastiat collection, mathematics, and accounting introduced the students to practical economic reasoning; the vigorous and open debate of philosophical matters encouraged students to debate ideas while respecting others and developing intellectual agility. Sports and music were also part of the curriculum—Bastiat excelled at sprinting and riding; he also studied the cello, which he bastiat collection to play throughout his life.

The third educational reform was the innovative method of teaching.


Unfortunately, Bastiat was unable to complete his education and to graduate with a baccalaureate. Nevertheless, his experience at the school, which exposed him to a cosmopolitan, tolerant, and bastiat collection environment, profoundly affected him throughout bastiat collection life.

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The ideas of Say were especially important at this time and, furthermore, had a personal relevance for Bastiat. Bayonne, a once-thriving Edition: Like Bastiat collection, Say had started out as a businessman a textile manufacturer and, like Bastiat, had experienced the effects of protectionism under the continental blockade and the disruptions of the Napoleonic wars.

He also acquired many contacts at the lodge, bastiat collection as the banker Jacques Laffitte, who became a friend of the family and later minister of finance and prime minister under Louis-Philippe.

Inwhen Bastiat was twenty-four, his grandfather died, and Bastiat inherited three of bastiat collection sharecropping farms of Sengresse.

Chalosse was a region of mixed farming, in which the only commercial activities were the sale of wine and a few head of cattle. Like many reform-minded landowners before him, Bastiat hoped to increase output and thus profits by replacing the traditional three-year crop rotation wheat was grown on a third of the land, corn on another third, and the last third was left as fallow with a two-year rotation, by leaving out the year of fallow.

His experiments were not successful, however, and he eventually abandoned his efforts, leaving the sharecroppers to cultivate his land in their own traditional way.

bastiat collection

The Bastiat Collection, Volume 1 (Large Print Edition)

He traveled to Bayonne to try to win over the garrison to the cause of the revolution. Following bastiat collection revolution, Bastiat felt confident enough in the future to increase the size of his estate and to begin a new career bastiat collection justice of the peace.


In he bastiat collection four sharecropping farms, which bastiat collection the size of the Sengresse estate by some 25 percent. Because Bastiat did not have the money to pay for the farms on his own, he married Clotilde Hiard, a wealthy heiress.

He carried out his duties with considerable skill, showing common sense, an eye for the quick and efficient solution of disputes, and surprising competence for someone who did not have any formal legal training. His reputation was such that litigants from outside his geographical, or even legal, jurisdiction sought him out to resolve their disputes.

His success as justice of the peace led to further activities that cemented his growing reputation as one of the leading citizens of Mugron. In bastiat collection was elected general counselor of the county of Mugron, a position to which he was reelected three times until his death in He showed an interest in everything likely to favor the economic development of the area, in particular a project for a canal alongside the Adour River, about which he published a number of articles.