Previously published as Rain Fall (John Rain, #1) Name: John Rain. Vocation: Assassin. Specialty: Natural Causes. Base of operations: Tokyo. Availability. Summary and reviews of Rain Fall by Barry Eisler, plus links to a book excerpt from Rain Fall and author biography of Barry Eisler. Previously published as Rain Storm and Choke Point John Rain has disappeared to Brazil to escape the killing business and the enemies encircling him in.


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Barry Eisler

We need you see to get an I'm a little torn because 3 stars might indicate I like the book when it would be more accurate to say I don't intensely dislike it, thus 2. We need you see to get an insight into the protagonist and how he became an assassin.

He was scarred by the loss of his father which ended his life of security. This is a little odd because we also find he was barry eisler rain fall before this by the bullies he met in America and in Japan who beat him up because he was barry eisler rain fall mixed parentage Japanese and American if you hadn't put that together.

Rain Fall (John Rain, #1) by Barry Eisler (5 star ratings)

Later while he's in the service he's scarred by the death of his mother. He is of course scarred by the "loss" of his best friend Need I go on?

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He's scarred by betrayal, he's scarred by disillusionment Midori is being hunted because her father had a disk that contained discriminating information on the Yazuka leader, Yamaoto. Holtzer is barry eisler rain fall with Yamaoto and is in charge of killing Rain and retrieving the disk.

John Rain Series

Rain gets the disk and works to barry eisler rain fall it to the head of police, Tatsu. He eventually succeeds and Holtzer resigns from his CIA position. Unfortunately, to protect Midori, Tatsu tells her that Rain is dead. Rain is overwhelmed with despair at losing Midori and anger at Holtzer's lack of punishment.

He takes justice into his own hands and kills Holtzer. It was a wild moment on his part.

Barry Eisler - Wikipedia

It's kind of like Yin and Yang. Midori was his Yin, his soft side. Holtzer was his Yang, violent side. When he lost his Yin, he had no choice but to balance it out and kill the Yang.

A Clean Kill in Tokyo

It was all about emotional balance. Rain's life has never been easy.

As a kid he was excluded, as a young adult he had to kill his best friend and countless others, and as an adult he lost his love and killed dozens barry eisler rain fall. Midori and Jimmy were the only stable things in Rain's life and each loss shook him to the core.


The book ends here so it's unsure how he moves on.