Bangladesh Parliament (Jatiyo Sangshad) is the supreme legislative body of Business of the House Budget Budget Speech Budget Speech Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. Dhaka .. While presenting the budget for FY , I recall his contribution with. Bangladesh Parliament (Jatiyo Sangshad) is the supreme legislative body of Business of the House Budget Budget Speech Budget Speech


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The government has set the total revenue target — bangladesh budget 2011 12 and non-tax revenue - at Tkcrores, which is around The NBR was assigned with this gigantic target despite negative revenue trends and continuous failure in achieving revenue targets.

Bangladesh budget 2011 12 the ongoing fiscal year, the government assigned the NBR to mobilize Tkcrores. However, it later downsized the target at Tkcrores with revised budget due to negative revenue trends.

Planned Sources of Revenue Sources of Expenditure: The government's main target is to finish the construction of the Padma Bridge, the largest ever bangladesh budget 2011 12 project that would connect the country's south-western part with the capital.

Once completed, it would boost economic output by up to 2 percentage points. But it was not possible as the project was delayed following the World Bank's withdrawal of financing over corruption allegation.


The project was the source of a prolonged debate. In FYthe government allocated more than Tk 7, crore for the project but brought it down to Tk 3, crore in the revised outlay.


Of the Tk 28, crore estimated cost of the project, bangladesh budget 2011 12 51 percent was spent till November last year. Government high-ups are keen to open the much-talked-about bridge to vehicles by December The government also wants to complete at least one unit of bangladesh budget 2011 12 Rooppur Nuclear Power project by though the deadline for its completion is Of the total budgetary outlay, Tkcrore would be set aside for development expenditure and Tkcrore for non-development expenditure.

Salaries and allowances of government staffs, interest payment and subsidies would account for almost half of the non-development expenditure.

Bangladesh budget sees more growth, bigger deficit

In bangladesh budget 2011 12 last fiscal year, the new pay scale had partly implemented. An allocation of Tk 45, crore was made for salaries and allowances of public servants. The amount is 54 percent higher than that of the previous fiscal year. In this fiscal year, Tk 51, crore bangladesh budget 2011 12 be allocated for payment of salaries and allowances.

Over the last several years, the government had to spend a huge amount on subsidies. However, the amount of subsidies has been declining after fuel prices started falling since mid Subsides stood at Tk 25, crore in the original budget of FY but it came down to Tk 18, crore in the revised budget.

This time, there are no subsidy on fuel. However, Tk 5, crore will be set aside for gas subsidies. Besides, subsidies on food are going up.

Bangladesh budget sees more growth, bigger deficit | Reuters

In total, subsidies are likely to bangladesh budget 2011 12 Tk 28, crore. Thankfully Education and Technology budget targets a staggering boost with a Pressures and promotions from educationists as well as experts have motivated the Government for this increased allocation.

However, the proper implementation of it, if possible, would bring new hope in imparting quality education in the long run.


Budget for FY has been presented at a time when there is the necessity of accelerating economic growth, reducing poverty, creating higher employment opportunities to bangladesh budget 2011 12 Sustainable Development Goals SDGs and formulating Least Developed Country LDC graduation strategy as Bangladesh is well positioned to graduate from current position in next few years.

The tax rate is going up for the tax payers, but the tax net is not being widened. There are only 12 lakh taxpayers in Bangladesh who submit bangladesh budget 2011 12 tax returns regularly.