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In many cases, publications such as this come from the desire to register an event, to baixaki mentes interligadas the enormous effort that was needed to make them happen.


The publication then gathers dust on a shelf. Our desire to publish is fuelled by the reverberations of the event itself, which amplified and built on what happened then. In the few months following it, baixaki mentes interligadas emails flew around the world - enveloping ideas, suggestions, critical opinions, collaborations.

A desire to record some of baixaki mentes interligadas thinking and to take it forward in more considered writing soon emerged and the body of work that constitutes this publication is an impressive testament to the continued process of research and development of the original participants in Paralelo.

New thinking, new ideas, new approaches can baixaki mentes interligadas happen if informed by the ideas and work of others who have gone before, and access to those ideas is essential.

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This publication aims to make its own contribution to that process. More work can be found in a Print On Demand format, at http: The event and this publication were the result of hard work by many, but here I must register our deep appreciation of the arduous, complex and sometimes thankless work of the editorial team that has succeeded in producing this fine work in such a short time: The body of work that constitutes the core of this publication is formed by the contributions from researchers from diverse backgrounds, who share a baixaki mentes interligadas for the environment and a determination to use their unique baixaki mentes interligadas to build new understandings of present and possible future links between art, technology and the environment.

The British Council is re-focussing on cultural relations - its reason for being — by finding new ways to engage the international community in discussion and passionate debate about urgent baixaki mentes interligadas affecting all — and this volume is a valuable contribution to our revitalised purpose.

Nowadays, when we talk about art we think about a confluence of different media, technologies and supports, but we are also aware that this would be seen under a formalist perspective if it did not involve a discussion that comprehends important issues of baixaki mentes interligadas.

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The concept of convergence, which is directly associated with the idea of hybridism, plays an important role in the actions developed by MIS. Nevertheless, we must bear in mind that hybridisation takes place having as reference a tradition from which it is possible to establish ruptures or separations.

Different forms of expressions capable of dealing with contemporary discussions will emerge from paradigms baixaki mentes interligadas they may, for example, be articulated with reflections on art, ecology, economics, design, and consumption so as to involve different baixaki mentes interligadas relations.


Keeping this in mind, it is also important to understand how we will put these investigations under a political perspective in terms baixaki mentes interligadas urbanisation processes and government policies, since modernity has already taught us that art is the product of one type of cir- culation of ideas and goods within a system whose intention was to be autonomous, but can only be approached and discussed as part of micro and macro-political contexts.

As such, the idea of parallelism, baixaki mentes interligadas is present in the title of this project, is interpreted as a potential strategy of looking for alternatives, such as the development of interdisciplinary and collaborative practices, which could bring back the discussion about the borders between art, science and technologies, as well as the existing relations between artistic production and its appreciation by the public, or even the procedures to democratise the access to artistic production and information.

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In the light of this perspective, MIS joined the Paralelo project, making a contribution to the achievement of the mission adopted by the Museum since baixaki mentes interligadas conceptual renewal, in After the four days of the event, we were certain that our public profited from the exchange of researches and projects developed in Brazil, the Netherlands and the United Baixaki mentes interligadas, involving technology and the environment, and reinforcing the idea of collaboration, which is increasingly important in contemporary practices.

A intensidade do ponto de encontro foi muito comentada. The Rules of Engagement series.


Ben Hillwood-Harris and Sharon Kivland, On Paralelo Paralelo was meeting point and starting point, offering a point of reflection on how artists, designers and media researchers in three countries and two continents are contributing to debates and actions relating to environmental baixaki mentes interligadas.

It was a point of reflection also on working processes, ideas and research strategies some of which are more fully explored aired baixaki mentes interligadas debated within this short publication.

Prepared by Stijn Claessens and M. This paper reviews the literature on financial crises focusing on three specific aspects.

First, what are the Causes, Consequences and Policy Responses.

Starting in mid, the global financial crisis quickly metamorphosed from the bursting of the housing bubble in the US to the worst recession the world has witnessed for over six decades.

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