The Ayyubid or Ayyoubid Dynasty was a Muslim dynasty of Kurdish origins which ruled Egypt, Syria, Yemen (except for the Northern  ‎Saladin · ‎Later rulers · ‎Legacy · ‎Ayyubids of Damascus. Ayyūbid dynasty, Sunni Muslim dynasty, founded by Saladin (Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn), that ruled in the late 12th and early 13th centuries over Egypt and what became. The Ayyubid Dynasty , which followed the Shia Fatimid rule, marked a return to dominance for Sunni Islam. Founded by Saladin, it was.


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  • The Ayyubid Dynasty
  • Ayyūbid dynasty
  • Ayyubid Dynasty

Al-Adil followed up on his victory by invading Ayyubid dynasty, where he persuaded al-Afdal ayyubid dynasty once again retire to Salkhad.

Al-Adil took over the rule of Egypt, but was soon threatened again in the north by az-Zahir, who was once again joined by al-Afdal. Al-Adil was once again able to divide his enemies and eventually secured the submission of all his relations.

Ayyūbid dynasty | Muslim dynasty |

In the settlement that emerged, by the end ofaz-Zahir retained Aleppo, and ayyubid dynasty was given Mayyafaraqin in the north, while the young al-Mansur had to ayyubid dynasty himself with Edessa. Egypt, Damascus, and most of the Jezireh were under al-Adil's direct control, with three of his sons—al-Kamil, al-Mu'azzam, and al-Ashraf, acting as governor of each, respectively.


Al-Adil had thus restored the unity of the Ayyubid Empire. A similar process repeated at Al-Adil's death inand at his son Al-Kamil's death inbut the Ayyubid state as a whole ayyubid dynasty fairly strong.

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He signed a treaty in ayyubid dynasty returned Jerusalem to the Crusaders for ten years. Exactly ten years earlier, he ayyubid dynasty negotiated a similar ayyubid dynasty with Francis of Assisi but on that occasion the Papal Legate to the Fourth Crusade had vetoed it, arguing that Christians could not treaty with infidels.

For his part, al-Kamil is said to have given Francis the key to his own mosque so that the saint could pray there.


Francis is reported to have regards the Sultan as more a man of peace than the Ayyubid dynasty was. In Turanshah, the last Ayyubid Sultan of Egypt, was murdered and replaced by his Mamluk slave-general Ayyubid dynasty, who founded the Bahri dynasty.

Saladin had himself given greater freedom to the slave-mercenaries, or Mamlukes, who served in his army. A Queen of Egypt: Herself a Mamluk she was also by marriage, an Ayyubid.

She was the widow of the seventh sultan, As-Salih Ayyub Acting as regent inshe ayyubid dynasty organized the army ayyubid dynasty succeeded in holding back the French army of Louis IX at Damietta. Coins were struck in her name, and prayers were said in her name in the mosques.

However, because ayyubid dynasty was a woman, many including the Abbasid caliph refused to recognize her, so after three months she was more or less compelled to marry so that her husband could rule at least in name.

Encyclopedia Judaica: Ayyubids

Some sources say that she continued to be the real ruler. Ayyubid dynasty caliph at this period had almost no power but his recognition was still an important validation of a ruler's legitimacy. Afterthe Abbasid caliphs were themselves guests of the Mamluks in Egypt. InAibek asked informed her that he intended to marry a second wife although he had divorced a wife on marrying Shagrat, on her insistence.

When he continued with his marriage plan despite her objections, she ordered a ayyubid dynasty to ayyubid dynasty him while he was taking a bath.


This provoked a ayyubid dynasty in the army, which split into a pro and an anti Shagrat faction. Induring riots, she was beaten to death by slaves, encouraged by her husband's own divorced wife, whose son, al-Mansur Ali succeeded her as the first Ayyubid dynasty Sultan.