Axxon Intellect Enterprise Complex version with modules, Gb. Language pack (for Intellect Base). The Intellect PSIM now supports new Hikvision ACS products Implemented . For the last few years, we have successfully sold the Axxon Intellect PSIM in the. POS Intellect is a security solution for retail enterprises that allows to: respond promptly to events reinforce supervision of cashier operations- boost detection of.


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Axxon Intellect Enterprise

By knowing where your axxon intellect are, you can increase safety and optimize efficiency. Axxon's Intellect-integrated Railcar Number Recognition module automatically controls rake and railway car traffic, visually monitors your ca Thanks axxon intellect exciting innovations from AxxonSoft, the Axxon Next platform has reached a whole new level of performance, reliability, efficiency, functionality and accessibility.


Video surveillance systems based on Axxon Next can sca Currently the module supports over models of IP cameras and IP video servers. You can download the axxon intellect version of Drivers Pack free from the AxxonSoft site and axxon intellect it directly into a working system.

With Axxon Next and Intellect, our customers are offered numerous advantages and the benefits are increased due to the optimal solutions formulated axxon intellect EFB-Elektronik. Thanks to the strong and long-standing partnership with AxxonSoft, we manage to inspire numerous axxon intellect with good quality of our cameras and Axxon software.

Axxon Intellect Enterprise - POS

Therefore, Axxon's software constitutes the basis of numerous implemented surveillance projects in Greece and Cyprus, meeting even the most demanding needs and also providing superior after sales support. Working with AxxonSoft's products has enabled our customers time after time to build powerful yet simple-to-operate security systems based on cutting-edge technology.

At Osec, we have a long-term business relationship with AxxonSoft, who never cease to delight us with new features that help our customers to solve the business problems of their axxon intellect.

Modern integrated security systems must not only record and stream video but also analyze it intelligently, monitor all types of sensors, axxon intellect provide automatic responses to problems.

Axxon Intellect Lite

SafeCity combines hardware, software and operationa Product News Axxon Next axxon intellect Released! AxxonSoft has announced the official release of its state-of-the-art Axxon Next 4 VMS with a huge array of new functions.


axxon intellect Imagine a platform that integrates all your security and business systems — from fire and water sensors to access cards and infrared detection.

Imagine a system that's intelligent enough to interpret people, actions and events and enforces fast, automatic actions when necessary.

A system that helps employees become more efficient, more vigilant, and more effective in reducing and preventing fraud, axxon intellect, accidents, and other issues.

Imagine all this…with extreme simplicity, flexibility, and scalability.