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For details on how ASP.

4 Unleashed by Stephen Walther

NET is part of the Microsoft. NET pages, you need to take advantage of the features of.


NET Framework, which consists of two parts: Understanding the Framework Class Library The. NET Framework contains thousands of classes that you can use when building an application.

Framework Class Library was designed to asp net4 0 unleashed it easier to perform the most common programming tasks. Following are just a few examples of the classes in the framework: File class-Enables you to represent a file on your hard drive. You can use the File class to check whether a file exists, create a new file, delete a file, and perform many other file-related tasks.

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You can use the Graphics class to draw rectangles, arcs, ellipses, and other elements on an image Random class-Enables you to generate a random number.

SmtpClient class-Enables you to send email. Framework has only four examples of classes.

NET Framework contains more than 13, classes you can use when building applications. You can view all the classes contained in asp net4 0 unleashed framework by opening the Microsoft. The SDK documentation website is located at http: Each class in the Framework can include properties, methods, and events.

The properties, methods, and events exposed by a class are the members of a class. For example, following is a partial list of the members of the SmtpClient class: Properties Host-The name or IP address of your email server Port-The number of the port to use when sending an email message Methods Send-Enables asp net4 0 unleashed to send an email message synchronously SendAsync-Enables you to send an email message asynchronously Events SendCompleted-Raised when an asynchronous send operation completes If you know the members of a class, you know everything that you can do with a class.

For example, the SmtpClient class includes two properties asp net4 0 unleashed Host and Port, which enable you to specify the email server and port to use when sending an email message.


The SmtpClient class also includes two methods you asp net4 0 unleashed use to send an email: The Send method blocks further program execution until the send operation is completed. The SendAsync method, on the other hand, sends the email asynchronously.

4 Unleashed - Chapter 1 -Overview of the Framework

Unlike the Send method, the SendAsync method does not wait to check whether the send operation was successful. Finally, the SmtpClient class includes an event named SendCompleted, which is raised when an asynchronous send operation completes.


You can create an event handler for the SendCompleted event that displays a message when the email has been successfully sent.