Results 1 - 30 of - Shadow Hawk by Andre Norton and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Suitable for action-oriented young men as well as all avid teen readers, Shadow Hawk is a fast-paced book that provides a detailed picture of. As usual, Andre Norton packs so much uncompromising exposition into the first half-chapter that it proves a stumbling block to many readers.


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There he led skirmishes against the Hyksos invaders who, in about B. It was a time of intrigue and danger, a time when a young man might do great things.

Shadow Hawk

With his band of splendid Nubian archers, skilled in the arts of desert warfare, he joined the sons of the Pharaoh in the first organized attack on their oppressors and andre norton shadow hawk himself, against great odds, a valiant citizen and courageous warrior.

Andre Norton, better known andre norton shadow hawk a leading science-fiction writer for young people, combines authentic detail and careful research in a narrative filled with swift action, violence and high courage.

Shadow Hawk vividly recreates the ancient world of Egypt and its people in an important moment in history. Two young princes were the mighty heroes of the day, aided by the Shadow Hawk of this story, a leader from the south who spurred them and fought magnificently himself at the head of his tiny group of skilled Nubian archers.

But Rahotep was unprepared for the intrigues of the power-hungry priest of Anubis, God of the Dead. Suddenly he found himself falsely accused of the attempted assassination of Pharaoh, the very man he was pledged to protect.

SHADOW HAWK by Andre Norton | Kirkus Reviews

Somehow he had to warn Pharaoh. But his life was forfeit to the God of the Dead — and how could anyone fight a god?

The captain struck andre norton shadow hawk with his fist, blindly, with all the strength he could muster. Something grunted as a light flared in the doorway. Rahotep, younger son of Ptahhotep, viceroy of Nubia.

Minor Details that I noticed: There are a lot of battles and descriptions of battles. Boys might enjoy that aspect of the book more than girls.

Shadow Hawk by Andre Norton - FictionDB

Rahotep is a hero. That sort of plot and protagonist still works for me. Very minor as far as the story is concerned, but I noticed how much respect and worship the Egyptians accorded their Pharoahs who were thought to be gods, sons of Re, the Sun God.

But there're a lot of things that make the book worth reading: This runs counter to simple facts like that 'pharaoh' comes from words meaning 'house of rule', that women played a big part not only in court life but in temple life, and that one of andre norton shadow hawk main reasons pharaohs married their sisters was that his child does andre norton shadow hawk inherit--his sister's child does.

Shadow Hawk by Andre Norton

Facts like that are at least recognized in this book, and others by Norton, and supply a useful corrective to the unwomaned andre norton shadow hawk of too many other novels about ancient Egypt.

This book begins with a genocidal attack on a Kush village in Nubia. The survivors of the murderous attack are literally invisible: This dismissive attitude toward the Kush is never revised, even though andre norton shadow hawk heroes have to depend on a Kush slave later to help some of them escape from a chancy scouting ploy.

The Hyksos also are rarely treated as humans. There's no talk between them and the Egyptians at Thebes, and no consideration that if the Hyksos are having trouble with their Asiatic provinces as is saidthey may be amenable to negotiation.