Media outlets in Bahrain, whether printed, audiovisual, or electronic, have Alwatan: Daily Arabic newspaper, under Al Watan for Publishing. Bahrain Centre for Human Rights that the editor in chief of Bahrain's Alwatan men outside the newspaper's headquarters in the early hours of the morning. Al-Watan (Bahrain) Al Watan (in Arabic الوطن meaning The Homeland) is an Arabic daily newspaper published in Manama, Bahrain. It is known to have.


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Pro-regime Bahraini daily seeks to mar dissidents’ image

According to the French Alwatan newspaper bahrain Agency, the chief editor of the Bahraini Alwatan newspaper, Abu Zeitoun announced that he was subjected to an attack by anonymous individuals in front of the newspaper alwatan newspaper bahrain in Rifaa area, south of the capital city Manama.

Abu Zeitoun said that a masked man approached him when he was getting into his car at 3 a.

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He noticed another masked man and was going to him "but alwatan newspaper bahrain first man hit me on the shoulder with a sharp object which caused me to bleed so we wrestled", according to the French News Agency.

Abu Zeitoun added that the masked men fled, only to find a fire starting in his car, which was put out.

Background on the Bahrain Newspaper Alwatan, run by Muhannad Abu Zeitoun Alwatan newspaper, which is run by Muhannad Abu Zeitoun, is regarded as being one of the newspapers linked to the Royal Court, which alwatan newspaper bahrain its political orientations. The newspaper is owned by Hisham Jaffar, one of the Bahraini businessmen who are close to the regime and the supervisor of alwatan newspaper bahrain projects of the King and his family; but it is believed, and according to some statements, to be owned in reality by Shaikh Ahmed Bin Atteya Al Khalifa, Minister of Cabinet Affairs in the current government, who is also close to the Royal Court.

Alwatan newspaper bahrain name was part of the scandal released by the former government advisor Dr. Salah Albandar, in which he claimed that there is a dangerous secret network within the country's governmental bodies that aims for the exclusion and marginalization of the Shiaa sect and to weaken them in the electoral process.

The same group also works to incite problems between them and the Sunnis, to sabotage the electoral process, and create GONGOs or breach the independent organizations. The same report stated that Alwatan newspaper had been formed to become the media front for this secret initiative - as it started since its launch in instigating sectarian problems and publicly encouraging hating the Shiaa's and their beliefs.

Bahrain Newspapers

According to the report, this newspaper is supervised and financed by the undersecretary assistant in the office of the head of the Royal Court, alwatan newspaper bahrain has direct links to the naturalization and alwatan newspaper bahrain the population's demographics committee in the Royal Court.

Dozens of supporters of the ruling Bahraini regime are fighting alongside foreign-sponsored Takfiri terrorist groups inside Syria.


Syrian alwatan newspaper bahrain forces, supported by allied fighters from popular defense groups, also killed a high-ranking Daesh militant commander, identified as Abu al-Mosana al-Bahraini, during heavy clashes in the southern part of Aleppo.

The tiny Persian Gulf kingdom openly collects aids for the terror outfits, and militant supports have regular conventions there. Thousands of anti-regime protesters have held demonstrations in Bahrain on an almost daily basis ever since a popular uprising began in the country in mid-February Obituaries for these traditional monarchies have frequently been alwatan newspaper bahrain, but even now these absolutist, almost medieval, entities still appear to pose the same conundrum as before: In this book, however, noted Gulf expert Christopher Davidson contends that the collapse of these alwatan newspaper bahrain, emirs, and sultans is going to happen, and was always going to.