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Panini stickers: my 40-year obsession

This lot will be open for bidding soon. You placed the highest bid! The current bid for this lot falls below its reserve price.

album panini 2010 The reserve price has been met. Your highest bid was below the reserve price for this lot. As the reserve price was not met, it was not sold.

FIFA World Cup Panini Virtual Sticker Album -

Thank you for bidding on Catawiki! At least thereafter the stickers went in straight.


I did buy him an album for the World Cup, but he never opened it. I haven't bothered this time. Obsessives sweat the small stuff; and things don't get much more trivial than Panini. Between World Cups, I barely give my collection a thought. The albums lie unloved in album panini 2010 box.

FIFA World Cup South Africa™ - Official Sticker Collection

But with the arrival of a new album, out they come. I could argue they are a valuable football social album panini 2010, documenting the fashions and hairstyles of the past 40 years, but that would be only a partial truth.


Yes, there have been dodgy mullets and frighteningly short shorts, but that's not what I see. Album panini 2010 the thing about Panini. You can become fixated for days — weeks, even — about a particular sticker, ripping open each packet in the hope it appears.


You stick it in — neatly — and then it's just another album panini 2010. Then another unfound sticker becomes an object of desire. Thanks to eBay I've managed to fill album panini 2010 all of them, but there are still five from I'm missing: These stickers are what first come to mind when I think Panini.

Panini World Cup 2010

I see what isn't there. Depending on the nation, the packets are available in different colors.

The German packets for example are red, album panini 2010 the Album panini 2010 European packets have a silver edge. The number of stickers, however, is the same for each packet: Since there are always post-nominated players which weren't planned as part of the National Team, there is also an update set with 80 images in this Panini World Cup series.

On these stickers, you can find the players that weren't considered in the album.

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Particularities Like every other series, the Panini World Cup series has specific characteristics. Especially these distinctive features give the series album panini 2010 special charm and character and are highly prized by collectors.

Panini WC World Cup South Africa 2010

The following special stickers exist: In Germany 4 stickers of Coca-Cola came out that could only be received with the purchase of a crate of Coca Cola. On these images, you can see the goal cheer of Klose. In Switzerland 20 special album panini 2010 came out that were marked with the numbers P1-P