Advance Microsoft Word Training. Webucator's free Advanced Microsoft Word tutorial is based on Webucator's Advanced Microsoft Word Training course. Learn Introductory through Advanced material with this complete Word course. Video lessons & manuals included.


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She exercises patience and enthusiasm among the participants and displays a sound knowledge of the subjects taught.

Professor Teaches Word 2010 Advanced

She has the ability to make a difficult subject simple and easy. Kendra Ong Trainer Kendra holds a BSc Maths and has more than 26 years of experience in IT planning, designing and programming of LANs and managing the operational support function of computer networks.

Her cheerfulness and enthusiasm in training has earned her favorable commendations from her participants. Her dedication to training is well liked and appreciated by the participants.

She has vast knowledge in computer programming and applications software and enjoys imparting her knowledge and skills. Advanced word 2010 tutorial is proficient in providing training in Internet, Microsoft Advanced word 2010 tutorial application and customised software courses.

Her experience as a programmer with a local bank, a LAN administrator cum a trainer officer with the Singapore Hotel Association and Training Educational Centre has more than prepared her to train in the areas of Microsoft Office, Internet and Frontpage. Usually the file location defaults to My Documents.

Click the Save as type drop down menu. This will give you a list of file types you can save your document.

Learn Advanced Microsoft Word |

For example if you are going to share the file with someone that has an older version of Word you may want to save it as the Word Document file type.

Type advanced word 2010 tutorial name of your file advanced word 2010 tutorial the File name: There are 3 ways to reopen a document. Double click on the My Documents folder from your desktop and then double click on the file you saved.

This will automatically open Word and your saved document. Open Word and click on the File menu. The dropdown menu will appear and you can either click on the Open Icon and it will take you to your My Document folder where you can double click the file you saved and open it, or 3.

Microsoft Word Basic to Intermediate – Oaks Training

This will give you a list of documents you have saved. Click on the document from the list and it will be opened.

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The save option in the File menu will save your file after it has already been given a file name. This options works without bringing up a window for you to title your document. I recommend using this advanced word 2010 tutorial often. It only takes a couple seconds and can save the frustration of losing a document.

Microsoft Word: What are some good online tutorials to learn more advanced Word? - Quora

You can also press advanced word 2010 tutorial ctrl key and s to save a document while working on it. I find the keyboard short cut I am more likely to use while typing. The close feature will close just the document you are working on.

This is different than exit.

Exit will close all Word documents. Close just closes one.


The print option in the file menu will open the print options to the right of the link. In this window you can advanced word 2010 tutorial all of your print options. At the top is the number of copies.